List of SCCM Build Numbers Console Client Version Numbers

This article lists all the SCCM build numbers, SCCM version numbers, SCCM console version numbers, and SCCM client version numbers. The SCCM (aka ConfigMgr) build numbers and version numbers are updated with every new release.

There are three SCCM versions released every year. The year and month format is used for the version name of SCCM/Configuration Manager. For instance, ConfigMgr/SCCM 2207 was made available on August 13, 2022.

This article also lists the SCCM console version numbers for every ConfigMgr release and the steps to find the SCCM console version. Microsoft releases 3 current branch versions every year and around 12–13 technical preview versions. The current branch versions are meant for production use, while the technical preview versions should be installed in a lab setup.

You can find details of all the SCCM technical preview releases and their build numbers are listed in the following guide –

Every Configuration Manager current branch release has a unique build number, version number, console version number and full version number associated with it.

In addition, every major SCCM version also updates the client agent version. The hotfix update, if includes client agent fixes, will also update client agent version number.

What is SCCM Version Number?

When you install a new SCCM version or update SCCM to the latest build, the version represents a number associated with SCCM. For example, if you upgrade from SCCM 2107 to SCCM 2111, it means the version number of SCCM is 2111.

To find the SCCM version number:

  • Launch the ConfigMgr Console.
  • Click About > Configuration Manager.
  • On About Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager window, you can find the Version Number.
Find SCCM Version Number
Find SCCM Version Number

What is SCCM Full Version Number

The SCCM full version number includes the build number, major version, minor version, and revision number. To explain the SCCM full version number, let’s consider the SCCM 2207 release as an example. You can understand what the full version number means by looking at the table below.

SCCM Full Version NumberMajor VersionMinor VersionBuild NumberRevision
SCCM 2207 5.0.9088.100050090881000
SCCM Full Version Number

The SCCM build number is unique for every release and gets updated with every major release. Even though the hotfixes are released for a specific version of ConfigMgr, the build number will never change when you install hotfixes.

Find SCCM Full Version from Registry

Along with SCCM build numbers, you can find SCCM full version details from registry. On the SCCM server, open the Registry Editor and browse to the following path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\Setup.

Look for the value name Full version and that shows the SCCM full version number. For example, in the below screenshot the full version of SCCM 2107 is 5.00.9058.1000.

Find SCCM Full version from Registry
Find SCCM Full version from Registry

How to find SCCM Build Number?

There are multiple methods to find SCCM build number. You can either use the registry or site server properties to determine the build number of SCCM.

To find the SCCM build number using the registry, open the registry editor. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\Setup and look for the UI Version. The UI Version registry value shows the installed SCCM build number.

Find SCCM Build Numbers using Registry
Find SCCM Build Numbers using Registry

You can also find the SCCM build number from the site properties. In the Configuration Manager console, go to Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\sites. Right-click the SCCM site and select Properties. On the General tab, you can see the build number of SCCM.

Find SCCM Build Number using Site Properties
Find SCCM Build Number using Site Properties

How to Check SCCM Console Version Number?

Let’s find out the version of the SCCM console by following the below steps:

  • Launch the SCCM Console.
  • Click on the dropdown arrow near the Home button.
  • Select “About Configuration Manager“.
  • The popup window shows the SCCM Console version along with the site version.
How to Check SCCM Console Version
How to Check SCCM Console Version Number

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How to find the SCCM Client Version number?

Use the below steps to check the Configuration Manager client version number.

  • On the computer, go to Control Panel and find “Configuration Manager” applet.
  • Click on Configuration Manager applet.
  • Under Configuration Manager properties, click General tab.
  • In the General Tab, you will find the SCCM client version number.
How to find the SCCM Client Version number
How to find the SCCM Client Version number

List of SCCM Build Numbers and SCCM Version Numbers

The following table lists the following details about the latest SCCM current branch release.

  • SCCM current branch versions
  • SCCM full version numbers
  • SCCM build numbers
  • SCCM client version numbers
  • SCCM console version numbers
  • SCCM baseline version
SCCM VersionSCCM Full Version NumbersSCCM Build NumbersSCCM Client Version NumbersSCCM Console Version NumbersSCCM Baseline Version
SCCM 2207 Hotfix KB154987685.0.9088.101290885.00.9088.10075.2207.1048.1700NO
SCCM 2207 Hotfix KB149784295.0.9088.100090885.00.9088.10075.2207.1048.1700NO
SCCM 2207 Hotfix KB149599055.0.9088.101090885.0.9088.10105.2207.1048.1700NO
SCCM 22075.0.9088.100090885.00.9088.10075.2207.1048.1700NO
SCCM 2203 Hotfix KB142444565.00.9078.102590785.00.9078.10255.2203.1063.2400NO
SCCM 2203 Hotfix KB144800345.00.9078.100790785.00.9078.10065.2203.1063.1500NO
SCCM 2203 Hotfix KB139530255.00.9078.100790785.00.9078.10065.2203.1063.1500NO
SCCM 22035.00.9078.100090785.00.9078.10065.2203.1063.1400YES
SCCM 2111 Hotfix KB128960095.00.9068.100090685.00.9068.10265.2111.1052.2500NO
SCCM 2111 Hotfix KB129595065.00.9068.100090685.00.9068.10125.2111.1052.1700 NO
SCCM 2111 Hotfix KB127097005.00.9068.100090685.00.9068.10085.2111.1052.1700NO
SCCM 21115.00.9068.100090685.00.9068.1005 5.2111.1052.1700NO
SCCM 21075.00.9058.100090585.00.9058.10125.2107.1059.2000NO
SCCM 21035.00.9049.100090495.00.9049.10085.2103.1059.1700YES
SCCM 20105.00.9040.100090405.00.9040.10105.2010.1093.1800NO
SCCM 20065.00.9012.100090125.00.9012.10155.2006.1026.1800NO
SCCM 20025.00.8968.100089685.00.8968.10215.2002.1083.1700YES
SCCM 19105.00.8913.100089135.00.8913.10005.1910.1067.2100NO
SCCM 19065.00.8853.100088535.00.8853.10065.1906.1096.1500NO
SCCM 19025.00.8790.100087905.00.8790.10055.1902.1085.1500YES
SCCM 18105.00.8740.100087405.00.8740.10035.1810.1075.1300NO
SCCM 18065.00.8692.100086925.00.8692.10035.1806.1074.1200NO
SCCM 18025.00.8634.10008634  YES
SCCM 17105.00.8577.10008577 NO
SCCM 17065.00.8540.10008540 NO
SCCM 17025.00.8498.10008498 YES
SCCM 16105.00.8458.10008498 NO
SCCM 16065.00.8412.10008412 YES
SCCM 16025.00.8355.10008355 NO
SCCM 15115.00.8325.10008325 YES
SCCM Build Numbers and SCCM Version Numbers

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  1. We must be about due a 2102 release. Anyone know when it’s due? Just thinking ahead to ensure support of 21H1 once that’s released.

  2. Hi Prajwal,

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    • Microsoft publishes the information about the new update as when it gets released. Over Twitter you get some news about upcoming update. Apart from that I try my best to publish the new update information on my blog. You should also get a console notification about the new update available.

  4. After a much heated discussion, I believe my organization is moving towards SCCM. My questions are as follows:
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    • SCCM 2012 is an expired product and you won’t be getting any updates for it. You should go with Configuration Manager current branch (latest version) if you decide to implement it across the estate. I will find out more info about exam and will update the answer.

      The windows server should be atleast Windows 2012 R2 and above. I always prefer to use the latest and stable version Of Windows server. You can also check the system OS requirements for specific version of Current Branch and go with that info.

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