SCCM 2111 Hotfix KB12959506 [Client Update with 2 Fixes]

Microsoft released SCCM 2111 hotfix KB12959506 to fix remote control viewer issues and ccmexec termination issues. The client update KB12959506 for ConfigMgr 2111 is an important hotfix.

The SCCM hotfix KB12959506 is available for customers using early update ring versions of 2111 and should have installed the following hotfix KB12709700. The KB12959506 hotfix is available for environments running SCCM 2111 only. To install this hotfix, you must first upgrade to SCCM 2111.

If you are running ConfigMgr version 2111, the hotfix KB12959506 should be available under Updates and Servicing node of console. The package GUID of hotfix KB12959506 is 6F03158E-E4F3-4F12-8AC2-B7724754B9E3.

Issues fixed in ConfigMgr 2111 Hotfix KB12959506

A client update KB12959506 is available for SCCM 2111 to address the following two issues:

  • The remote control viewer hangs at “Connecting to host session” when starting a remote control session.
  • The Configuration Manager client (ccmexec.exe) may terminate on startup if it receives policy to change the peer cache source client setting from disabled to enabled, while also having cached content.

More information about the ConfigMgr 2111 hotfix KB 12959506 can be found on Client update for Configuration Manager current branch, version 2111.

Install SCCM 2111 Hotfix KB12959506

To install SCCM 2111 Hotfix KB12959506:

  • Launch the SCCM console.
  • Go to Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing node.
  • Right-click Configuration Manager 2111 hotfix KB12959506 and click Install Update Pack.
Install SCCM 2111 Hotfix KB12959506
Install SCCM 2111 Hotfix KB12959506

The Configuration Manager 2111 Hotfix KB12959506 includes the following updates:

  • Configuration Manager site server updates.
  • Configuration Manager client updates.
Install SCCM 2111 Hotfix KB12959506
Install SCCM 2111 Hotfix KB12959506

With client update settings, you can upgrade the client agents immediately or validate the client agent in pre-production collection before upgrading site wide. Select the appropriate client update setting and click Next.

Hotfix KB12959506 Client Update Options
Hotfix KB12959506 Client Update Options

On the hotfix KB12959506 License Terms window, select I accept these license terms and privacy statement. Click Next.

Hotfix KB12959506 License Terms
Hotfix KB12959506 License Terms

If you have already enabled Cloud Attach in your SCCM setup, you shouldn’t see this option during the hotfix installation. However, you can skip the cloud attach settings by unchecking the Enable Cloud Attach option. Click Next.

SCCM 2111 Hotfix KB12959506 Cloud Attach
SCCM 2111 Hotfix KB12959506 Cloud Attach

On the Summary page, click Next and on the Completion window, click Close.

Configuration Manager 2111 Hotfix KB12959506
Configuration Manager 2111 Hotfix KB12959506

Monitor ConfigMgr 2111 Hotfix KB12959506 Installation

You can monitor the ConfigMgr 2111 hotfix KB12959506 installation in two ways. Go to Monitoring\Overview\Updates and Servicing Status. Right click Configuration Manager 2111 KB12959506 hotfix and select Show Status. Or you can review the cmupdate.log to know the hotfix installation progress.

In rare cases, the post installation steps are stuck, and the status is shown as In progress, but the update shows as installed. To resolve this issue, you can restart the server once.

Monitor ConfigMgr 2111 Hotfix KB12959506 Installation
Monitor ConfigMgr 2111 Hotfix KB12959506 Installation

Important: After you install SCCM 2111 hotfix KB12959506, there will be no console upgrade. Therefore, the SCCM console version will remain the same, which is 5.2111.1052.1700. The hotfix KB 12959506 for ConfigMgr 2111 includes only site server updates and update to clients. The build number of the SCCM site remains the same for 2111 which is 9068.

Read: List of SCCM Build Numbers | SCCM Version Numbers

The KB12959506 hotfix update of Configuration Manager 2111 does not require a computer restart but will initiate a site reset after installation.

To confirm if the hotfix KB12959506 is installed, go to Administration > Overview > Updates and Servicing. If the Configuration Manager 2111 hotfix KB12959506 status shows as Installed, it means the hotfix KB12959506 installation is successful.

ConfigMgr 2111 Hotfix KB12959506 Installed
ConfigMgr 2111 Hotfix KB12959506 Installed

Update SCCM 2111 Hotfix KB12959506 on Secondary Sites

After you install the KB12959506 update on a SCCM 2111 primary site, pre-existing secondary sites must be manually updated.

To install KB12959506 update on a secondary site:

  • Launch the Configuration Manager console.
  • Select Administration > Site Configuration > Sites > Recover Secondary Site.
  • Select the secondary site. The primary site then reinstalls that secondary site by using the updated files.

Bonus: Configuration Manager Secondary Site Prerequisite checks

Perform Client Upgrade After Installing KB12959506

The ConfigMgr 2111 hotfix KB12959506 updates the production client version to 5.00.9068.1012. You must ensure the client agents are running with the latest version, i.e. 5.00.9068.1012.

Read: List of SCCM build numbers and version numbers

The recommended method to update clients after installing KB12959506 is by using the Automatic Client Upgrade feature:

  1. Launch the SCCM 2111 Console.
  2. Go to Administration > Site Configuration > Sites.
  3. Click the Hierarchy Settings in the top ribbon and select the Client Upgrade tab.
  4. Enable Upgrade all clients in the hierarchy using Production client checkbox.
  5. Set the required number of days for automatic client upgrade. Click Apply and OK.
Perform Client Upgrade After Installing KB12959506
Perform Client Upgrade After Installing KB12959506

If you encounter any issues during the hotfix installation, let me know in the comments section below.


  1. “Error reading location override information from WMI. Return code: 0x80041010”

    Hi Prajwal we are getting the above errror in locationservices.log and machines are not able to register itself to MP. As a result of that they are showing greyed out in sccm console. Its happening with the newly built devices and the old devices have the same error but as they are already registered so atleast they are coming with green tick in console

  2. Hey all

    I have a problem with client version 5.00.9068.1012. Suddenly after this release some of my devices (about 50%) can´t get software updates and do not show in Software Center. I have never had this error before and i know it started with this version.

    There is an error in LocationServices.log

    Reading Location override flags from WMI LocationServices 25-02-2022 18:22:09 10364 (0x287C)

    Error reading location override information from WMI. Return code: 0x80041010
    LocationServices 25-02-2022 18:22:09 10364 (0x287C)

    WSUSLocationRequest :
    LocationServices 25-02-2022 18:22:09 10364 (0x287C)
    Created and Sent Location Request ‘{E0827F0C-5438-4137-BB68-865C0C59D73F}’ for package {185188F9-65B0-4A9C-9B8B-F9EEED44C03E} LocationServices 25-02-2022 18:22:09 10364 (0x287C)

    Hope someone can help.

    1. Avatar photo Paul Hartley says:

      Hi Thomas – I am unable to help but would like to note that I am also seeing an identical failure, and have found plenty of articles on the likes of reddit that say the same thing.
      Manually installing the agent (and re-installing) doesn’t seem to resolve the error and I’ve seen suggestions that it’s simply been broken in update KB12896009…
      This reddit post links to an article that doesn’t confirm or rebuke this suggestion but since nothing I have found has explained why this happens I’m starting to agree.
      I have been investigating the problem for a week now without success but if I find a solution to what has caused our OSD to fall spectacularly on its face I will post.

    2. Avatar photo Paul Hartley says:

      OK, so we found the cause while investigating some SQL errors we found in the SCCM Server’s event log that we thought may be related:
      A little additional background: At the same time as upgrading to SCCM 2111 we had upgraded our SCCM infrastructure to use PKI. We had deployed the certificates from our CA to IIS servers and Distribution points as directed.
      The solution for us was to correct a misconfiguration in Active Directory.
      In AD Users and Computers, navigate to \System\System Management. Right click the System Management container and select Properties. Move to the Security tab and click Advanced. Search for your site server’s Computer object – in the “Applies to” column, if it shows “this object”, change it to “This object and all descendent objects”.
      I cannot warrant whether this will resolve the issue for you, but this was the only change that we recall making between when it was broken and when clients started connecting to the servers again.
      I know that SCCM stores information in AD and uses AD to allow clients to discover information about how to communicate with server resources.
      Having checked the attributes in my site server sub-container, the mSSMSCapabilities attribute now contains (among other things) details of the CA, the certificate, the fact that we’ve configured SCCM to require HTTPS for all communication etc. I don’t know if these values were present before the permission change, but it’s too much of a coincidence that the site server was prevented from changing values in the descendent object and clients failed to realise they should be using PKI, and when it was allowed to do so all clients just sprang to life (and so did OSD)
      I hope this information makes sense to anyone reading. And I hope it helps resolve your issue Thomas

      1. we have a similar problem. Since the update to 2111 incl. hotfix KB12896009 we do not get any new apps deployed. New apps are simply not displayed in the software center. Apps deployed before the update are still available.
        Task sequences still work.
        I am still waiting for an answer from MS support.

        I have not yet installed the latest hotfix KB12959506.
        Does anyone else have similar issues and possibly solutions?
        I checked the authorization and it was OK.

        1. Same problems. Permissions on AD were already correct. Can’t deploy anything except via task sequences, so it’s a bit frustrating! On KB12896009. Anyone made any further progress with this? See lots of threads stating the problem, but they all finish without a fix.


          1. We have also the same Problem since Update KB12896009 🙁

            Best regards from Zurich.

            1. Same over here
              Since 2111, we have the same error
              Opened a case by MS and still waiting
              We have the issue without the kb KB12896009, we planned to install it in hope it fixes it but reading above doesnt looks like it will help

              Nobody found a fix yet ?

              PS: we have no onprem AD and our client connect trought CMG only

              1. i Found a soultion.

                We had the same Problem after install the KB12896009 hotfix

                After the Realease with SCCM 2203 , we installed the update immediately.

                After that, the WMI error messages in the log files were gone.

                Unfortunately the problem was not solved. Through intensive searching and testing, we have discovered that the devices in the SCCM Console are no longer automatically approved. After approval everything workes.

                Settings to check for auto Aprove:

                Administration—-Sites—Hierachy Settings—-Client Aprovall

                I don’t know why this button was not on automatic anymore

                Best regeards from Zurich

  3. Hi, I am getting ready to upgrade from 2103 to 2111. Our site has one Primary and two Secondary sites.
    Question: Can I upgrade the primary site and install all hotfixes, then upgrade the secondary sites, or should I upgrade the primary and secondary both to base 2111 first, then install hotfixes on primary and then do recovery for secondary sites?

    1. Here is my suggestion – Upgrade to 2111 for both primary and secondary. Then install hotfixes on primary sites and do recovery for secondary sites.

  4. Avatar photo Preety Agarwal says:

    I have followed the above steps however few clients did not upgrade to 5.00.9068.1012. Please help

    1. You have to examine the log files to find why the upgrade failed. Check if the clients are online. It also depends on how many days have you specified for upgrade to complete.

  5. hello..after the update, I have an issue in apply network setting step as machines can’t join to domain

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