Fix Skype for Business Recording Shows Pending Status

Learn how to resolve the Skype for Business Recording Manager that shows a pending state and would not create the recorded file to share.

Prajwal Desai
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Fix Skype for Business (Lync) Recording Shows Pending Status

If your Skype for business recording shows pending status, this article will show you how to resolve it. You can resolve the same problem with Lync by following the instructions in this article.

Recently, we discovered that users were unable to export the recorded calls during Skype (Lync) meetings, and the recordings were marked as pending and never completed.

The Skype for Business Recording Manager allows you to play your meeting recordings, browse to the location where you have them saved, or publish them for others to view. The Skype for Business Recording Manager was in a pending state for over an hour and would not create the recorded file to share.

Numerous users experienced this, and no one could figure out why Skype was not recording the meetings. Restarting the computer was also done as a basic troubleshooting step to see if the Skype application was having any problems.

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Note that Lync is becoming Skype for Business. Installing KB3115883, which fixes the error “You need to install additional updates” when you launch the Lync 2013 client, is necessary to make sure that does not happen.

Where does Skype save the recordings?

While using Skype for business, you can begin recording your call if the participant’s organization allows it. Your Skype for Business meeting recordings are saved in the Videos > Lync Recordings folder. The recording will be saved as an MP4 file. If you prefer to change the location, click Browse and choose a different folder.

Upon the completion of the Skype meeting, there were no audio or video files populated in the C:\Users\Username\Video\Lync Recordings folder. So either the recording did not happen or the recording wasn’t saved to a file.

It was recommended to wait until the status changed from pending to completed after checking a number of Skype forums; however, in my case, the status remained pending for a considerable amount of time, and the video was never published. The solution to this problem is quite bizarre, and you can see from the comments section that it was successful for an enormous number of people.

Fix Skype for Business Recording Shows Pending Status

If your meeting recording status is pending, hovering your mouse over it displays the message “Pending was paused to save power; plug in to continue.” The solution here is to connect a power supply directly to the laptop battery port. The recordings are exported when the laptop’s power source is connected.

Skype for Business Recording Shows Pending Status
Skype for Business Recording Shows Pending Status

What is the reason behind the successful export of recorded Skype and Lync meetings once the laptop was powered on? The recorded meetings weren’t exported or published because Skype or Lync export the meetings only when the laptop is connected to a power source. The fact that publishing a video uses a lot of CPU power may also be the cause.

So, the next time you are in a meeting, make sure your laptop is connected to a power source so that you can successfully record and export videos.

Lync Recorded session shows pending status
Lync Skype for Business Recording Pending Status

Play and share a recording

Once you have successfully recorded the meeting via Skype or Lync, you can access it to play or send to others. Skype for Business displays a message when the recording is ready. You can click the alert to open Recording Manager, or if you miss that, click Tools on the Skype for Business main window, then Recording Manager.

Use the following steps to share a Skype call recording from the Recording Manager window:

  • Click your recording to highlight it, then click Play on the right side of the window.
  • You can also rename or delete your recording here.
  • To share your recording with others, click Browse to locate it, then copy the file to post on a shared location, such as OneDrive or an internal SharePoint site.

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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