SCCM 2012 R2 Step by Step Guide

SCCM 2012 R2 Step by Step Guide Welcome to System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager step by step guide. In this post I will be adding the links related to Configuration Manager 2012 R2 deployment. These are very useful SCCM 2012 R2 step by step guides and you can use it to deploy SCCM 2012 R2 in you lab quickly. As I upload the posts I shall update the links in this post.

You can download SCCM 2012 R2 Installation Guide using just one link. You can also download the SCCM 2012 R2 guides individually. Do write in comments if you need any post on topic related to Configuration Manager 2012 R2.

System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Step by Step Guide / SCCM 2012 R2 Step by Step Guide/ Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Step by Step Guide

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Manish Sharma

By far one of the most extensive and easy guides to follow. You are an asset to SCCM community. Great job man.


First of all, thanks for your training materials that I used about 2-3 years ago to learn SCCM 2012 installation and configurations. Though, I had very limited practiced knowledge about SCCM 2007. Never got indept into troubleshooting clients than just using it for limited patching and using for software deployment in my extensive LAB projects. Now, I am facing some REAL issues on some of my Enterprise Servers not receiving updates. Most of these 700 server do receive regular security updates, but I constatly face the issue of about 30-40 servers failing to receive these updates. I have tried so… Read more »

Vikas Ghadge

Hi Prajwal,
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I am currently working for vulnerability management project and this blog is very helpfull for me.

Waseemuddin Syed

Thanks bro for sharing your Knowledge


Hi Prajwal,

I just want to thank you for all your work. It would be a great help if you can guide me on how to include licence key into drive mapper application that I have created using sccm.

Thanks for your help


Thanks Prajwal. Excellent documents.


Hello dear,

I have done a course in computer hardware and I have no knowledge of sccm or scripting . My job in my current profile is to take remote of users machine and help in troubleshooting problems .

Can i also do sccm

does it require any coding or programing skill and neither I know how to work with c or c++ langauge .

regards ,



I would suggest you to do MCSE course and later on learn SCCM.


Dear Prajwal,

Please post a new discussion thread for SCCM interview questions. Since you are in the field we would like to learn from you. Thanks in advance


Best blog on the internet for SCCM . Thank you very much Prajwal . Please keep up the good work.


Great blog Mr.Desai. all important information related to SCCM available here.. Any Job opportunity for SCCM learner. plz mail me.


Hi Prajwal , Great tutorial , Thanks a lot


hi Prajwal

i m trying to download the PDF after 29 PDF I m not able to download its when i click download option its going this link Even i m trying to download from this link its not happening please help me with this

Bharath Rao


hi, excellent tutorial and thanks for posting..
Is there way to download all pdf in one time? please let me know.


HI, great tutorial. is there way to download all these PDFs in one time? please let me know

Mr Gems

Great Work Bro 🙂


Where Should i have download SCCM 2012 R2 please provide me link


hi sir

I am not able to download this PDF I am trying self study of SSCM

Vishnu Prasanth

Can you give us a guide for Capture & Deployment of WIndows10 OS Image.

Vishnu Prasanth

Hi Prajwal, I am following above steps, But for SCCM I am using windows server 2016, So will be there any configuration issue will come?

And can we create the Win10 boot image using “Capturing Win7” guide?

Sunil Joshi

This is one the best guides that I have seen so far. Neat and crisp, i had gone through technet documentation first but it was so confusing. I could easily deploy SCCM using your articles. Great blog and keep sharing valuable stuff.


If you try Edge browser insteed of IE. You should be able to download.


Im unable to dwonload PDF .Please help me on this.


There are no ad blockers enabled.please provide link if to download pdf’s if any.

Rajesh Kumar I

recently started learning about SCCM. Sad to say that am unable to download the above links.
Is there any alternates available???

Thank you so much for your valuable guidelines to improve our tech skills.

Rajesh I

Minh Nguyen

Hi Prajwal,

Superb job you did! I installed everything up to #25 and everything goes smoothly, I just go slow with the installation processes. NOT A SINGLE ERROR!

Thank you,

Makarand Bagwe

Hello Prajwal, I am using SCCM 2012 R2 on my environment to patch 17 of my windows 2012R2 Servers which include 3 Hyper-V + 2 Physical + 12 VM servers.Till Dec 2017 Software Updates feature was working well. When Jan 2018 Software Updates downloaded into Software Library. It shows only 4 VM of Windows 2012 R2 servers required the updates. All other Servers shows that updates are Not required when I run the report. Also tried to deploy the updates on all servers but it installed on only 4 servers and shows 100% compliance status for all the servers. But… Read more »


Hi Prajwal,

Thanks for the step by step installation of SSCM. I have below query for you and I hope you will able to help me with that.
What will be appx pricing for SSCM without endpoint?
Can we install Express Edition of SQL server 2012?
Is license model is based on Core?
Do I need some license to manage Workstations or just need to buy server license and can manage n number of workstations?


Hi Prajwal,

I am new to the SCCM . Could you please guide me how to create LAB in Azure.

Kethagani Siva

I’ve product code.
Can you please let me know how can I search the product by using product code.


Hi Can U please update a document on asset intelligence & Inventory maintaining using SCCM


i begin
thanks very much 🙂


Hey Prajwal,
this is one of the most comprehensive SCCM guide I’ve found on the net.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
Best regards.

Mark Louie

Hi Praj,

Can I have your assistance on troubleshooting SCCM errors specially on installing the SCUP 2011 on Windows 2012 R2?
Can I have your email contact for further details about the issue?

Thanks and best regards,


Thank you very much for this Bible of SCCM.
I will try to install and learn.


Prajwal, thanks so much for the article. This would be a great help for me for my SCCM training.


Hi Prajwal –
It is interesting for step by step installation for SCCM, it is clear and detail step for SCCM for new SCCM IT guy, I am working on my lab for all step by step installation and I got an error when I try to install the SCCM on the server the error ” Visual Studio 2010 Shell – Invalid data. Reinstall is required. ” so I can not install SCCM, is there any one help me how to solve the issue or error? thanks ! I apreciate your support.


Rohit Sai


Please helpcomment image

Pritam Roy Choudhury

Thanks a lot for detailed note .
kindly inform SCCM related job openings also


Hi Prajwal,

This guide help me to setup by SCCM lab but i am not able to install client in win 10 OS. Could you pls help me on this


its all in one. very helpful.

I Struggle

Can you provide away for me to download all these PDFs or send a link to [email protected]

vikas gupta

after installing SQL server and wsus when i lunched sql managment studio there is no SUSDB option under the database please help..

Muhammad Jamil Khan

kindly help me!
I cant Run Rules on SCCM due to space issue ? Plz Suggest.


I have upgraded SCCM 2012 R2 to 2012 R2 SP1, do I still need to install SCCM updates mentioned in part 7?


Hi Prajwal

I want to thank you for the detailed guides you have provided

Prashant Solanki

we Installed SCCM 2012 Succefully but while pushing client installtion we are facing the blow error
Unable to connect to WMI (rootccm) on remote machine “”, error = 0x8004100e.
we tried lot to resolve but its unable to connect
please help


I see Server and client patches in All update folder under Software library work space in Conf Mgr console.
I just want to see the Client patches there how can I achieve this?

Peter Buxton

Thank you, this is an in depth easy to follow guide, and I’m just playing around with hyper-v 🙂
Can’t understand why SCCM has to use a specific non default SQL Collation, but that’s Micro$oft for you 🙂

Syed Atif Ahmed

I am working on SCCM For last 10 years …I found this SCCM Blog very worthwhile, Informative, st -forward and easy to understand for everyone. !

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