ConfigMgr SCCM Client Version Numbers List

This post lists all the MECM/SCCM Client version numbers and covers the steps to find the ConfigMgr Client Agent Version. With every release of every Configuration Manager current branch release, the client agent version number changes.

When you install a ConfigMgr current branch update, it is very important to upgrade the client agents in hierarchy. Otherwise you won’t be able to use the new SCCM features because of the old version of client agents.

SCCM Client Version Numbers List

The below table lists the ConfigMgr client agent version numbers for all the SCCM releases. Note that I am listing only the major ConfigMgr releases and not the hotfixes or out-of-band updates.

ConfigMgr Build / Release / VersionSCCM Client Agent Version
SCCM 21115.00.9068.1005, 5.00.9068.1008
SCCM 21075.00.9058.1012
SCCM 21035.00.9049.1008
SCCM 20105.00.9040.1010
SCCM 20065.00.9012.1015
SCCM 20025.00.8968.1008
SCCM 19105.00.8913.1006
SCCM 19065.00.8853.1006
SCCM 19025.00.8790.1005
SCCM 18105.00.8740.1003
SCCM 18065.00.8692.1003
SCCM 18025.00.8634.1007
SCCM 17105.00.8577.1000
SCCM 17065.00.8540.1000
SCCM 17025.00.8498.1000
SCCM 16105.00.8458.1000
SCCM 16025.00.8355.1000
SCCM 15115.00.8325.1000

Upgrade ConfigMgr Client Agents

When you install any new Configuration Manager update, you must upgrade the client agents in the hierarchy. You can upgrade SCCM client agents using client upgrade feature.

To upgrade SCCM client agents to latest version.

  • Go to Administration > Site Configuration > Sites.
  • Click the Hierarchy Settings on top ribbon. Select Client Upgrade tab.
  • Ensure Upgrade all clients in hierarchy using production client box is selected.
  • You must enter the number of days within which client upgrade is complete.
  • Notice the SCCM client version number displayed.
  • Click OK.
Client Agent Upgrade Settings
SCCM Client Version Numbers

You can use the below query to find out the devices without the latest SCCM client agents.

select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIdentifier,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client from SMS_R_System where SMS_R_System.ClientVersion != 'client version'

How to find the SCCM Client Agent Version

On any given computer installed with SCCM client agent, you can find the agent version via Configuration Manager agent properties.

  • Go to Control Panel > Configuration Manager > General.
  • In the General tab, under client properties, look for client version.
Client Agent Version Check
How to find the SCCM client agent version

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  1. Is there a work around for updating the client that has a newer version of C++ other than uninstalling the newer version and then re-installing after the client upgrade? It is not installing if Visual C++2015-2022 is already installed on the client.

    1. Figured it out.
      Adding the following to the Client Push Installation Properties fixed it for me:


      All are 64-bit computers, so I didn’t need to include x86 version.

  2. Avatar photo Kamal Vasvani says:

    Does SCCM Client version 5.00.9068.1005 requires .NET Framework 4.8 or it work with 4.6.2 version.

  3. Just for your Information.
    We updated to 2111 yesterday and our client version is 5.00.9068.1008.
    Version 1005 seem to be outdated.

  4. Avatar photo Sam Leung says:

    The SCCM 2111 production client version is 5.00.9068.1005!
    Want to update the list Prajwal?

  5. Best way to keep clients up-to-date to last version is to go in the Administration workspace then Site Configuration > Sites click right on Site and choose “Hierarchy Settings”. In the Client Upgrade tab you click on the box Upgrade All Clients in the hierarchy using production client same in Pre_Poduction

  6. Hello Prajwal,

    I love your site, great resource!

    Wanted to mention that we are currently using 2103 and the client version is currently 5.00.9049.1010 instead of 1008. Just for the sake of completeness 🙂

    Thanks again for your great site!


  7. Avatar photo Ansar Ali says:

    This way I get most of the only required Information from you Prajwal,
    thanks a lot for sharing.

  8. Avatar photo Hector Gaston says:

    What if a Automatic client updating is enabled but not all clients are getting updated? How should we remedy this. I have over 100 clients that are till running client versions older than the latest one (5.00.8968.1042) What’s the best way to get those users up to day. Also they are all on the IBCM server.

    1. Hi Hector, Did you ever remedy this? Which route did you go down? Currently looking at updating from 1802 right the way through to latest version but with things, the way they are at the moment we have a lot of machines offline so wondered what the best way to capture them after the default 7 days is and whether we can go from 1802 client version straight to the new version.