Download SCCM Prerequisite Files Offline

In this post I will show you how to download SCCM prerequisite files (offline) before you install or setup Configuration Manager.

You can download the ConfigMgr setup prerequisite files in more than one way. It is always beneficial to download these prerequisite files manually because it saves your time during the setup.

What are these prerequisite files ?. While installing Configuration Manager, one of the step includes downloading required prerequisite files.

The Configuration Manager setup may fail if you don’t have all the prerequisite files downloaded.

On the Prerequisite Downloads step, you see two options and mostly you choose the first one.

  • Download required files
  • Use previously downloaded files

The first option lets you download the prerequisite files by specifying the folder path. The folder will contain all the necessary prerequisites required in order to install SCCM.

The second option lets you use the previously downloaded prerequisite files. This is useful if you already have the prerequisites files ready or stored in a folder.

During the setup you can either specify a shared folder on your network or specify the folder that contains the prerequisite files.

Configuration Manager 1902 Setup
SCCM Prerequisite Downloads

In some cases when you attempt to download the prerequisite files online, you may encounter error. Sometimes if you have network issues or poor connectivity, the downloads may fail.

Example – An error has occurred while attempting to download or verify required prerequisite components and Setup cannot continue. Review configmgrsetup.log file for further details.

In this case until you review configmgrsetup.log file, you may not know why the download fails. For example – It may be a firewall, proxy server, anti-virus or some security device preventing the downloads.

Hence in such situations, it is better to download SCCM prerequisite files offline. You can manually download the files on any computer and use it during SCCM setup.

Error downloading Configuration Manager prerequisite files
Error downloading Configuration Manager prerequisite files

Download SCCM Prerequisite Files Offline using ConfigMgr Setup Media

You can download the SCCM prerequisite files prior to installing. And you can also manually download SCCM Prerequisite files on different server.

All you need is the ConfigMgr baseline installation media. When you first launch the splash.hta, you get a welcome screen or a setup window.

Under Tools and Standalone components, click Download required prerequisite files.

Download SCCM Prerequisite Files Offline

You see a Configuration Manager Setup Downloader box. Click Browse and select a path where updated installation files will be downloaded.

The path can be on the same server or a shared folder in the network. Click Download.

Configuration Manager Setup Downloader
Configuration Manager Setup Downloader

In this example, I am specifying the folder path as E:\Prereq.

Download SCCM Prerequisite Files Offline Snap3

All the SCCM prerequisite files required for the setup are downloaded in the folder. In total 53 files are downloaded.

Download SCCM Prerequisite Files Offline Snap4

Once you download SCCM prerequisite files, you can use during the SCCM setup. I hope this post helps.

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