Download SCCM Baseline Version Install Media

In this post, I will also show you different ways to get or download SCCM baseline version or SCCM baseline install media from Microsoft.

The latest version of the Baseline version of SCCM is 2203. ConfigMgr 2203 update is available as an in-console update for everyone.

With the release of ConfigMgr 2203 update for everyone, most of the organizations would look to upgrade their existing ConfigMgr to version 2203.

Configuration Manager 2203 comes with many new features and improvements over previous release. There should be no reason why you shouldn’t upgrade to version 2203.

You can upgrade to Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM) 2002 if you are running the following versions SCCM 1806, SCCM 1810, SCCM 1902 or SCCM 1906 or SCCM 1910.

If you want to install the MEMCM 2002 update using SCCM console, you can refer the upgrade guide. To know the new features in Configuration Manager 2002, you can read this post.

What is Configuration Manager Baseline version

A SCCM baseline media includes all the setup files required to install SCCM or Configuration Manager. If you want to install Configuration Manager from scratch then baseline install media is what you need.

As per Microsoft, periodically, additional SCCM baseline versions are released. By using latest baseline version to install a new hierarchy, you avoid installing an outdated or unsupported version of Configuration Manager.

After you install a baseline version, the additional versions of Configuration Manager are available as in-console updates. In-console updates update your infrastructure to the latest version of Configuration Manager.

When to download and use SCCM Baseline Install Media

It’s simple, you use the latest SCCM baseline media when you want to install a new site in a new hierarchy. In addition to that, you also use a baseline version to upgrade from System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.

In one of my posts I have covered on the SCCM in-place upgrade paths. Using a baseline media, you can perform an in-place upgrade to a supported version.

What Microsoft recommends is after upgrading to Configuration Manager current branch, don’t use baseline versions to stay current. Instead, only use in-console updates to update to the newest version.

That’s true because you use the ConfigMgr baseline version to install the Configuration Manager in new hierarchy. Once that’s done, you don’t need the baseline version. The new updates should be available as in-console updates.

Most of all you install in-console updates starting from your top-level site. Updates you install at the central administration site automatically install at child primary sites. However you can control this timing by using a maintenance window at the primary site.

In the next section you will find out the ways to download a baseline media.

From where can I download SCCM Baseline Media Version?

So, now that we have understood what is ConfigMgr baseline media version, and it’s usage, let’s see from where can you get or download the baseline media version?

There are multiple locations from where you can download latest version of SCCM baseline media. Sometimes the previous baseline media versions will be removed from downloads once there is a new version.

Download ConfigMgr Baseline Media from MSDN/Visual Studio

You can download the latest baseline version media from Visual Studio Subscriptions (formerly known as MSDN Subscriptions).

You need to subscribe to take advantage of all the tools, cloud services, software access, training and partner benefits.

If you have a Visual Studio subscription, login to

Click Downloads tab and use the search box to look for the product that you want to download. Type in current branch or Configuration Manager. Click Search.

To download the product, click the Download button next to the product name.

From my understanding, you can download the latest ConfigMgr setup media and up to 2 previous releases.

Soon after the new SCCM baseline version release, sometimes you may not find the latest baseline media available in portal. That’s because it takes sometime for Microsoft to make the baseline media available for MSDN subscribers.

For example, SCCM 2002 is a baseline version but as you can see it’s still not available for download yet. It will be made available soon.

Download ConfigMgr baseline media from MSDN / Visual Studio
Download ConfigMgr baseline media from MSDN / Visual Studio

Download SCCM Baseline Media from VLSC

You can download SCCM baseline media version from Microsoft VLSC (Volume Licensing Service Center). The Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) gives you easy access to Volume Licensing benefits.

By logging in to this portal, you can download products and keys, manage your Volume Licenses, grant permissions, view account details etc.

To download the Configuration Manager baseline media from VLSC, login to the VLSC portal.

Next, click Downloads and Keys tab. Since there are several products listed, use the search box to find your product.

So let’s say you found the System Center ConfigMgr current branch product. Click Download and from the list of products, select the ConfigMgr baseline media version.

Once again, don’t panic if you don’t see the latest SCCM baseline media in downloads section. Microsoft will upload the media soon after they release the update for everyone.

If you find the product what you were looking for, click the download icon.

Download SCCM baseline media version from VLSC
Download SCCM baseline media version from VLSC

Download Configuration Manager baseline media from Microsoft Eval Center

Finally the last method to download the baseline media is by visiting the Microsoft Evaluation Center. The downloads are available for everyone and you don’t need any subscription.

Please note that any product that you download from the Microsoft Eval Center is fully functional for a limited set of days. That’s why it’s called Evaluation version. And you should know that limitation before you download.

For example, the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (Current Branch – Version 2002) is already listed under Downloads. However it is an evaluation version and expires in 180 days.

To download latest Configuration Manager baseline media, expand Start you evaluation. Click Continue.

You may have to fill a form by providing some details such as name, phone number, your job role etc. Enter those details and click Continue.

In the next step you can download the ConfigMgr baseline media. In most cases it’s an .exe (executable file). You must extract the components to a folder and you can then launch Configuration Manager setup.

Note: You will need a product key to activate Configuration Manager if you download it from Eval Center.

Download SCCM baseline media from Microsoft Eval Center
Download SCCM baseline media from Microsoft Eval Center

I hope this post helped you to understand what a SCCM baseline version means, when to use it and SCCM baseline install media. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in comments section.

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  1. Can you still get sccm 2002 on trial or will this guide work with a later version ?


  2. Hi Prajwal,
    Is there any blog you have for upgrading SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 to 2002 version?
    like prerequisite, Installation, Post upgrade, Database requirement etc.


  3. Avatar photo phaladone keomisy says:

    Hi. i am new starter with SCCM or Microsoft System Center. Now i am using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager in Evaluation Mode and it will be expired soon. So i need to ask the License for this product. on my system. i have 250 Users or Devices, so i need to know the total license Price of this product. Kindly advise and clear me within this product. i had requested the license of this product from my local was very expensive

  4. Avatar photo NotNirmal says:

    Hi Prajwal,
    Good Day to you!!
    I am looking for installation media for 1902. But unable to find the same.
    Could you please let me know the alternate way or may be i am trying it wrong way.

      1. Avatar photo NotNirmal says:

        Have tried the same Prajwal. It shows the same. Is it something to do with Subscription or may be if you could help us to download from share path?

  5. Avatar photo Shyam Babu says:

    Any reason MS doesn’t upload MEM CM 2002 baseline media on VLSC for enterprises to download ? Can we use Eval version and later activate it using license key ? Or would you suggest to wait for the licensed version ?

    1. Yes there is a delay of atleast 1-2 weeks and I believe you should see the 2002 media in VLSC and MSDN. You can either wait or download the one from eval center and use it.

      1. Avatar photo Shyam Babu says:

        It is available on VLSC now.

  6. Avatar photo Fahid Shaheen says:

    Excellent article Prajwal. Quick question, do you know if 2002 will work with W7 endpoints with ESUs in place?