SCCM 2006 Hotfix Rollup KB4575789 – Supersedes KB4578605

A new SCCM 2006 Hotfix Rollup KB4575789 has been released by the ConfigMgr product team, and this hotfix supersedes the previous hotfix KB4578605. Let’s find out the fixes included with the KB4575789 hotfix and look at the steps to install it.

We saw several ConfigMgr 2006 Hotfixes releases this month. Some of them were out-of band updates as well. Each hotfix update contains the fixes. Installing them resolves the issue described in the hotfix description. Note that KB4575789 is a revised update rollup for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager current branch, version 2006.

Note that Configuration Manager 2010 Update is out. You may skip this hotfix and directly upgrade SCCM 2006 to SCCM 2010. What you get after the upgrade is awesome new features of SCCM 2010 and fixes over the previous release.

The Configuration Manager 2010 is generally available. You should find the update 2010 in the updates and servicing node of Configuration Manager console. Ensure you run check for updates and monitor the dmpdownloader.log file.

About Hotfix Rollup KB 4575789

The hotfix rollup KB4575789 supersedes the original KB4578605. Hence, the update KB 4578605 will not appear in the Updates and servicing node of the ConfigMgr console for customers that previously installed the original version.

The revised version will appear on the console. This is for customers that previously downloaded but did not yet install the original version. Most of all, the hotfix rollup KB4575789 will appear in environments that were installed by using early update ring or globally available builds of version 2006.

The ConfigMgr 2006 hotfix Rollup KB4575789 revision contains the following new updates in addition to the fixes also covered in KB 4578605.

  • KB 4575786: Configuration Manager console terminates unexpectedly on Configuration Manager current branch, version 2006.
  • Co-management enrollment takes longer than expected for Configuration Manager clients: KB4575787.
  • KB 4575788 and KB 4575790: Client setup is unable to download contents from a cloud distribution point in Configuration Manager current branch, version 2006.

Install SCCM 2006 Hotfix Rollup KB4575789

Perform the following steps to install the hotfix KB4575789 for SCCM:

  • Launch the Configuration Manager console.
  • Go to Administration > Overview > Updates and Servicing node.
  • Right click Configuration Manager 2006 hotfix rollup (KB4575789) and select Install Update Pack.
Install SCCM 2006 Hotfix Rollup KB4575789
Install SCCM 2006 Hotfix Rollup KB4575789

If you are installing this update on the SCCM server running in production, ensure you run the prerequisite check first to see if the console reports any warnings. Although warnings can be ignored, but errors have to be addressed otherwise the update installation will halt. Since I am installing this update KB 4575789 in my lab, I will ignore prerequisite check warnings. Click Next.

The Hotfix Rollup KB4575789 contains site server updates, console updates and client updates.

Follow the update installation wizard. Accept the License terms and click Next. On the Completion window, click Close.

You can go to Monitoring workspace to monitor the update installation progress. Wait until you see all the steps are completed successfully. If you see post installation tasks don’t show green ticks, restart the SCCM server once.

In the next step, you will be prompted to perform the console upgrade. Click OK to begin the configuration manager console upgrade. Running the latest version of console is important, so don’t skip the console upgrade.

Most of all, ensure all the SCCM client agents are updated to the latest version. Launch the Configuration Manager console and go to your site. Under Hierarchy Settings, select the client upgrade and configure the client upgrade settings.

Read the following article to automatically update SCCM Clients using the Automatic Client Upgrade feature.

The production client agent version after installing Configuration Manager Hotfix KB4594176 will be 5.00.9012.1056. Note that you must update secondary sites manually. Click Administration > Site Configuration >Sites. Click on Recover Secondary Site, and then select the secondary site.

That completes the steps to install hotfix rollup KB4575789 for SCCM 2006. Please reach out to me if you experienced any issues installing this update in the comments section below.


  1. Avatar photo Muhammad Faqahat says:

    i have also same issue when upgrading to 2006. i have found error on only read only console on my another machine. how to fix that? there is no error on primary site server.

    1. Avatar photo Muhammad Faqahat says:

      i have also same issue when upgrading to 2006. i have found error on only read only console on my another machine. how to fix that? there is no error on primary site server.

      after applying hotfix rollup for 2006, now we are getting same error banner on site server also. kindly conclude for the fix.

  2. Hello
    After i installed the hotfix rollup (KB4575789) i have in every SCCM console a error message on the top.
    “A required component of the console is out of sync with your site”
    Reboot from the server don`t solve the problem.
    Do you have any ideas about this problem?
    Regards Michael

    1. I have dealt with this issue. Try reinstalling the console again. You need to go to the folder that contains the console setup files. Choose the latest one and run the console setup. See if that fixes the issue.

      1. Hi
        Thank you for the quick answer.
        Reinstalling the console don´t solved the problem.
        I will upgrade the configuration manager to 2010 in the next days.
        Do you think this can fix the problem?
        Regards Michael

          1. Hi
            The upgrade to 2010 solved the problem.

        1. Avatar photo Narayanan says:

          I also tried Console reinstall it is not working. I think upgrade of 2010 version should solve this error message.

  3. I am in a HA environment. Will I need to do anything for the passive site server or will the update take care of both?

  4. Is the any other changes required on the OSD side after applying the hotfix?
    Aslo, does the console need to be upgrade too?

    1. If there is a console upgrade required, it will prompt you to do that. Apart from that I don’t think you need to make any changes.

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