ConfigMgr 2006 Hotfix KB4575790 – Client Setup fails to download contents from Cloud DP

Prajwal Desai
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ConfigMgr 2006 Hotfix KB4575790

The ConfigMgr 2006 Hotfix KB4575790 is now available. This update fixes an issue where client setup fails to download contents from a cloud distribution point.

There have been lot of ConfigMgr 2006 hotfixes releases. In a way it’s good to see Microsoft patching the issues quickly. However I feel that when there are too many hotfixes, it is bit confusing when it comes to installing these hotfixes.

The hotfix KB4575790 address the following issues.

  • When a cloud management gateway is configured to use a cloud distribution point, ccmsetup.exe fails to download the client installation file ( from Azure blob storage. This leads to increased CMG traffic. It also delays installation or upgrade of the client because it will fall back to use another management point if available.
  • Internet-facing clients that only use PKI client certificates for authentication fail to install or upgrade after you install KB4578605 update rollup.

KB4575787 – 404 Error

Few days ago, Microsoft released a new hotfix KB 4575787 to address the issue where co-management enrollment takes longer than expected for Configuration Manager clients.

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Anyone who clicked hotfix KB4575787 link experienced 404 error. The link is now accessible with the below note at the start of the article.

The update 4575787 is superseded by the following update. KB 4575790 – Client setup is unable to download contents from a cloud distribution point in Configuration Manager current branch, version 2006.

Microsoft decided to supersede KB4575787 with a new hotfix KB4575790. So why was KB4575787 removed ?. Probably Microsoft would have discovered an issue with that update and hence they decided to release a new update.

Moreover the ConfigMgr 2006 update KB4575787 was a out of band hotfix. That means you had to first download 4575787 and import it in the console using the update registration tool. Where as with KB4575790, you don’t need to import as it is available in SCCM 2006 console.

SCCM 2006 Hotfix KB4575790 Prerequisites

  • This hotfix applies only to ConfigMgr 2006 version.
  • KB 4578605 Update Rollup for Configuration Manager version 2006 must be installed.
  • If clients have not yet upgraded to version 5.00.9012.1052 from KB 4578605, disable automatic client upgrade under Hierarchy Settings. The client.msp file shipping in this update includes all of the prior changes that shipped with both update rollup KB4578605 and update KB4575787.
  • This update does not require a computer restart but will initiate a site reset after installation.
  • After you install this update on a primary site, pre-existing secondary sites must be manually updated.

Install ConfigMgr 2006 Hotfix KB4575790

Use the below steps to install the ConfigMgr 2006 KB4575790 hotfix.

  • Launch the ConfigMgr console.
  • Go to Administration > Updates and Servicing Node.
  • If you don’t see KB 4575790 hotfix, click check for updates.
  • Right click Configuration Manager 2006 KB4575790 hotfix and click Install Update pack.
Install ConfigMgr 2006 Hotfix KB4575790
Install ConfigMgr 2006 Hotfix KB4575790

On your production setup, I recommend running the prerequisite check before installing the update. Since I am installing this update in my lab, I am going to ignore the prerequisite check warnings.

Note that this update includes Configuration Manager site server updates and client updates. Click Next. Complete the rest of the steps.

Install ConfigMgr 2006 Hotfix KB4575790
Install ConfigMgr 2006 Hotfix KB4575790

Click Close.

Install ConfigMgr 2006 Hotfix KB4575790
Install ConfigMgr 2006 Hotfix KB4575790

To find the hotfix installation progress, go to Monitoring\Overview\Updates and Servicing Status. Right click KB4575790 update and click Show status.

If you see all the steps completed under Post Installation, go ahead and upgrade your client agents. That completes the installation of ConfigMgr 2006 Hotfix KB4575790.

Hotfix KB4575790 Installation Status
Hotfix KB4575790 Installation Status

It is important that you upgrade your production client version to the latest version. Any old version of client agents must be upgraded to latest version 5.00.9012.1056.

To upgrade the client agents to the latest version in your setup, use the client upgrade feature. In the console, go to Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\Sites. Select your site and click Hierarchy Settings in top ribbon.

Under the Hierarchy settings properties, click client upgrade tab. Select Upgrade all the clients in the hierarchy using production client. Set the number of days within which you want to complete the agent upgrade. Click OK.

KB4575790 Client Version Upgrade
KB4575790 Client Version Upgrade
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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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