SCCM Technical Preview 2208 New Features and Fixes

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SCCM Technical Preview 2208 New Features

The SCCM technical preview 2208 has been released by Microsoft. In terms of new features, the ConfigMgr Technical Preview version 2208 includes the Intune RBAC for tenant-attached devices, and the dark theme is now extended to more dashboards.

The Technical Preview 2206 baseline version of the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager is available for new installations. If you want to set up a new Configuration Manager technical preview lab, you can install the TP 2206 baseline version first and then upgrade to tech preview version 2208.

You can directly upgrade to Technical Preview 2208 from an earlier version of a technical preview release, such as version 2207, using the Configuration Manager console’s updates and servicing node.

Technical Preview Branch releases let you try out new features of Configuration Manager in a test environment before they are made available to everyone. You can try these features and provide feedback to Microsoft that helps improve the product.

Note: The technical preview branch of Configuration Manager is not supported for use in a production environment. The technical preview is licensed for use only in a lab environment. So do not install technical preview builds in production.

Check out the list of all the SCCM technical Preview build numbers and new features in every preview release. Read about the new features in Configuration Manager technical preview version 2208.

Install SCCM Technical Preview 2208 Update

The following steps can be used to install the SCCM 2208 technical preview update. Launch the Configuration Manager console. Go to Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing node. Right-click Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2208 and select Install Update Pack.

Install SCCM Technical Preview 2208 Update
Install SCCM Technical Preview 2208 Update

The SCCM 2208 Technical Preview includes updates for the following components:

  • Configuration Manager site server updates and console updates.
  • Configuration Manager client updates.
  • Fixes for known issues
  • New Features

On Tech Preview lab, I exclude running prerequisite check warnings. However, you can choose to run the prerequisite check step before installing the update. Click Next.

Install SCCM Technical Preview 2208 Update
Install SCCM Technical Preview 2208 Update

On the Features page, select the new features that you want to enable in ConfigMgr technical preview 2208. If you don’t enable them now, these new features can be enabled later from the ConfigMgr console.

Select the client update settings which determine the way you update the client agents in your hierarchy. For technical preview builds, select Upgrade without validating. Click Next.

Client Update Options - Technical Preview 2208
Client Update Options-Technical Preview 2208

On the License Terms page, click I accept the License terms and privacy statement. Click Next.

License Terms - Technical Preview 2208
License Terms – Technical Preview 2208

If you prefer not to enable the cloud attach, simply uncheck the Enable cloud attach option. Click Next. Close the Configuration Manager Updates wizard. This completes the steps to install the SCCM technical preview 2208 update.

Upgrade to SCCM Technical Preview 2208
Upgrade to SCCM Technical Preview 2208

The ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2208 normally takes around 30-35 minutes to install. While the update installs, you can review cmupdate.log for installation progress. You can also go to Monitoring workspace and right-click Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2208 update and click Show Status to view the install progress.

Technical Preview 2208 Console Upgrade

Once the Configuration Manager technical preview 2208 update installation is complete, you will be prompted for a console upgrade. Click OK to begin the console upgrade. The old console version 5.2207.1045.1000 will be upgraded to the new version 5.2211.1019.1000.

Technical Preview 2208 Console Upgrade
Technical Preview 2208 Console Upgrade

This completes the console upgrade process for ConfigMgr Tech preview version 2208. You must also upgrade the client agents on your client computers to the latest version, 5.00.9089.1002.

New Features in SCCM Technical Preview 2208

The following new features are included in the ConfigMgr 2208 technical preview release.

1. Intune RBAC for tenant attached devices

Configuration Manager now supports Intune role-based access (RBAC) in addition to Configuration Manager RBAC for tenant attached devices. You can manage enforcement of Configuration Manager RBAC from the new checkbox introduced in the cloud attach configuration wizard. You can now use Intune role-based access control (RBAC) when interacting with tenant attached devices from the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

2. The dark theme is now extended to more dashboards

Starting with the SCCM Technical Preview 2208 release, Microsoft has extended the dark theme to more dashboards, which previously didn’t display the dark theme correctly. For example, the O365 Updates Dashboard, PCM Dashboard, and Health Attestation dashboard will now display according to the dark theme when it’s enabled. Read how to enable the dark theme for the ConfigMgr console.

There is a fix included with technical preview 2208 release related to operating system deployment. If the osdinjection.xml file is directly modified, it isn’t correctly preserved updating to a new Configuration Manager version. Operating system deployment task sequences fail to resolve required dependencies. The error Failed to load TSCore.dll Code (0x8007007E) is now resolved in version 2208.

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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