SCCM ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2002.2

The SCCM technical preview 2002.2 is out and this is the second technical preview release of this month. ConfigMgr Technical preview 2002 was the previous release.

In ConfigMgr 2002.2 you get to see some new features plus improvements over previous release. Finally in next current branch release, we may see some of these features getting added.

Since SCCM 2002.2 is a technical preview build, don’t install tech preview builds in production. You must always install them on a isolated setup and test the new features.

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As always I will first cover the new features of SCCM technical preview 2002.2 and then cover the installation part. To follow all my previous technical preview posts and build numbers, refer this post.

SCCM 2002.2 Technical Preview 2002.2 New Features

ConfigMgr 2002.2 technical preview comes with set of new features. The official link to all the new features is here.

Management insight rules for proper HTTPS configuration

In this release, we see two new management insight rules.

  • Sites that don’t have proper HTTPS configuration – Running this rule lists sites in your hierarchy that’s not properly configured for HTTPS.
  • Devices not uploaded to Azure AD – This rule lists devices that aren’t uploaded to Azure AD because the site isn’t properly configured for HTTPS.

Management insight rules for proper HTTPS configuration

Improvements to BitLocker management

In SCCM 1910, to integrate the BitLocker recovery service the management point required to be on HTTPS. Configuring the management point and all clients for HTTPS can be challenging for many customers.

Starting in SCCM 2002.2 technical preview, the HTTPS requirement is for the IIS website that hosts the recovery service, not the entire management point role. This change relaxes the certificate requirements, and still encrypts the recovery keys in transit. Read more about it here.

Improvements to support for ARM64 devices

The All Windows 10 (ARM64) platform is now available in the list of supported OS versions on the following objects.

  • Configuration item supported platforms
  • Application deployment type requirements
  • Package program requirements
  • Task sequence advanced properties

Search all subfolders for configuration items and configuration baselines

This is a new feature where you can now use the All Subfolders search option from the Configuration Items and Configuration Baselines nodes.

Search all subfolders for configuration items and configuration baselines

Support for 64-bit macOS Catalina in ConfigMgr 2002.2

Configuration Manager now supports the 64-bit macOS Catalina version 10.15. If you not aware, starting from macOS Catalina, you can no longer use the x86 applications. Therefore Microsoft released a new client specially to support macOS Catalina clients. Yes, It’s a 64-bit application. Here is a post the covers the steps to install new SCCM MacOS client (64-bit).

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager cloud features

When new cloud-based features show up in Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center, you can now opt in to these new features in the Configuration Manager console.

Install ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2002.2

To install Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2002.2

  • In the ConfigMgr console, go to Administration > Overview > Updates and Servicing.
  • Right click Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2002.2 and click Install Update Pack.

Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2002.2

The ConfigMgr 2002.2 technical preview version includes :-

  • Configuration Manager site server updates
  • Configuration Manager client and console updates
  • Fixes for known issues
  • New features

For tech preview builds while installing the update, I ignore the prerequisite check warnings. Click Next.

Install Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2002.2

Click Next.

SCCM ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2002.2 Snap3

On the License Terms page, accept the license terms and click Next.

SCCM ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2002.2 Snap4

Click Close.

SCCM ConfigMgr Technical Preview 2002.2 Snap5

At this point, you can either monitor cmupdate.log file or go to Monitoring section to view the upgrade progress.

It’s time for console upgrade. Clicking OK upgrades the console version 5.2002.1043.1000 to 5.2002.1052.1000.

sccm 2002.2 technical preview console upgrade

After the console upgrade, I see the Configuration Manager technical preview 2002.2 installation is complete.

SCCM 2002.2 technical preview installed

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