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Welcome to the post where I will be showing you the steps to install SCCM Management point. In my previous post I covered the steps to uninstall SCCM management point from the setup. Once you uninstall SCCM management point, you must install it back. It could on the same server or you may decide to install it on another server.

There are two scenarios where you decide to install SCCM management point.

  • You have previously uninstalled ConfigMgr management point role and you want to install it back on the same machine.
  • You are installing Configuration Manager management point role on a new server.

In either of these scenarios the goal is to install management point role. In the first scenario the installation becomes easy because you already have the management point prerequisites installed. While in the second scenario, you install the prerequisites first and then install management point role.

Management Point Role Intro

A management point is a site system role in Configuration Manager. The management point provides policy and service location information for clients and it also receives configuration data from clients.

When you install SCCM for the first time, the management point and distribution point roles are installed by default on the same server. However you can deselect the default options and split the management point and distribution point roles across different servers.

The management point role is quite important and you must ensure it is running without any issues. When you package and deploy an application to the client, the client sends a content request to a management point. The SCCM client agents can get the list of Management points through DNS or WINS.

The management point then sends a list of the preferred distribution points to the client. The client uses one of the preferred distribution points as source location for content. If contents are not available on the preferred distribution point, the management point sends a list to the client with distribution points that have the content available.

The client agents search or look for Management Point in the order specified below :-

  1. Management point
  2. Active Directory Domain Services
  3. DNS
  4. WINS

You can also have additional management points in your setup. You can read more about the high availability for site system roles here.

SCCM Management Point Prerequisites

Before you install management point role on a new server, you have to ensure the prerequisites are installed. I am listing down the prerequisites. I assume you are installing management point role on Windows Server 2012 R2 and above.

Required Features

  1. .NET Framework 4.5
  2. BITS Server Extensions or Background Intelligent Transfer Services (BITS)

Required IIS Features

1) Application Development
2) ISAPI Extensions
3) Security
4) Windows Authentication
5) IIS 6 Management Compatibility
6) IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility
7) IIS 6 WMI Compatibility

A server reboot is required when you install the above prerequisites.

How to Install SCCM Management Point

The most easiest way to install SCCM management point is using Configuration Manager console. To install SCCM management point, perform the below steps.

  • Launch SCCM console.
  • Navigate to Administration / Overview / Site Configuration / Servers and Site System Roles.
  • Right click Site System and click Add Site System Roles.

SCCM Management Point Installation

On the General page, click Next.

SCCM Management Point Installation

On the System Role Selection page, select Management Point. Click Next.

Management point role selection

On Management Point page, you must select the client connections. It is either HTTP or HTTPS. Read the options carefully and select one. In case you have implemented PKI for SCCM, go with HTTPS. Else select HTTP and click Next.

SCCM management point

In the next step you specify a database to use with this management point. I am going to select Use the site database option here. Click Next.

ConfigMgr Management Point Install

On the Summary page, click Next.

ConfigMgr management point install

Click Close.

Install management point

Monitor SCCM Management Point Installation

It is important that you monitor SCCM management point installation by opening the below log files. Using Configuration Manager trace log tool, open the below two log files.

  • mpMSI.log
  • mpSetup.log

In the mpMSI.log file, if you find the line with below details, that confirms the successful installation of management point role.

Windows Installer installed the product.

  • Product Name: ConfigMgr Management Point.
  • Product Version: 5.00.8740.1000.
  • Language: 1033
  • Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation.
  • Installation success or error status: 0.

monitor management point role install

In the MPSetup.log, ensure you see the below lines.

mp.msi existed with return code: 0 installation was successful.

monitor management point role install

After installing the management point role, you must reboot the server.

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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