SCCM Client Agent Installation Error Unsupported NT version

This short post covers about troubleshooting SCCM client agent installation error unsupported NT version. One of the most common and widely faced issues with SCCM is client agent installation issues. I can say that because I have seen more of SCCM client issues posted in community forums. In fact I regularly see many threads on client installation failures and issues related to agent installation. The solution to each of these is guessed by examining the log files. I hope one day I will publish a dedicated post only on troubleshooting SCCM client agent installation issues. Or maybe document the issues and solutions as I come across.

Look at this issue posted by one of the user in community forums. The issue is very simple and probably looking at the log file anyone can find the root cause. The users says the SCCM client agent is failing to install. The installed SCCM version is current branch 1710 and the client machine is running Windows 10, version 1803.

Here is the part of CCM.log file. The log file clearly tells that the client OS is unsupported NT version. The request is removed from queue as it is an unsupported OS configuration.

Begin Processing request: "2097152222", machine name: "CORPWIN10"
Execute query exec [sp_IsMPAvailable] N'EU1'~ $$<SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER>
Trying the 'best-shot' account which worked for previous CCRs (index = 0x0)
Attempting to connect to administrative share '\\CORPWIN10\admin$' using account 'DomainSMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGERName\SCCMAdmin'
The 'best-shot' account has now succeeded 1 times and failed 0 times.
Connected to administrative share on machine CORPWIN10 using account 'DomainName\SCCMAdmin'
Attempting to make IPC connection to share <\\CORPWIN10\IPC$
Searching for SMSClientInstall.* under '\\CORPWIN10\admin$\'
System OS version string "10.0.17134" converted to 10.00
Unsupported NT version "10.0.17134" on machine "CORPWIN10"
ERROR: Target machine (CORPWIN10) must be Windows 2003 SP2 or Windows XP SP3 or newer.
Deleting SMS Client Install Lock File '\\CORPWIN10\admin$\SMSClientInstall.EU1'
Execute query exec [sp_CP_SetLastErrorCode] 2097152222, 1305
Removing request "2097152222", machine name "CORPWIN10" - unsupported OS configuration.
Deleted request "2097152222", machine name "CORPWIN10"
Execute query exec [sp_CP_SetPushRequestMachineStatus]
Execute query exec [sp_CP_SetLatest]
End request: "2097152222", machine name: "CORPWIN10".
Submitted request successfully
Getting a new request from queue "Incoming" after 100 millisecond delay.
Waiting for change in directory "D:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\" for queue "Incoming"

SCCM Client Agent Installation Error Unsupported NT version

The solution to SCCM client agent installation error unsupported NT version is very simple. From the log file you got to know that it is an unsupported OS configuration. Let’s not assume that if a SCCM current branch version is installed, it supports client agents for all the Windows 10 versions. That’s incorrect, one has to refer to the below table in such cases. The table lists versions of Windows 10 that you can use as a client with different versions of configuration manager. So a configuration manager 1710 client agent isn’t compatible with Windows 10 version 1803. Therefore to manage Windows 10, 1803 client, the configuration manager must be upgraded to SCCM 1802.

SCCM Client Agent Installation Error Unsupported NT version

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