Configuration Manager Status Message Retrieval Issue

I was working on an issue related to distribution point where I came across another issue. I noticed configuration manager status message retrieval issue. In other words configuration manager was unable to retrieve status messages. The issue occurred on Windows Server 2012 R2 with SCCM 2012 R2 installed on it. I hadn’t seen this error before so I wasn’t sure why it appeared. In addition I also don’t think the issue is related to the DP issue that I was working on.

Upon checking component messages under Monitoring > Overview > System Status > Component Status, I encountered some issues. The messages were displayed in the below sequential order. Clicking OK displayed the next message box.

  • Configuration Manager could not provide the data that you requested. Please refer to the configuration manager documentation for troubleshooting.
  • An unexpected error has occurred processing status messages [query not open]. Further processing for this query has been stopped.
  • The status viewer was unable to retrieve the stored queries list from the database.

Opening Status Message Viewer and checking status message for any component shows the below message box.

Configuration Manager Status Message Retrieval Issue

Clicking OK shows the other two message boxes.

Configuration Manager Status Message Retrieval Issue

I set my skype for business status to do not disturb and seriously started working on this issue. I started digging the log files to see if I can find some clue to fix this. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything that helped me to fix this issue. I started to look for this error on internet and found some answers. The solutions are listed in the next section.

Configuration Manager Status Message Retrieval Issue

If you are facing configuration manager status message retrieval issue, you can try out the below solutions.

  • Solution 1 – Login to primary site server and open service console. Right click SMS_EXECUTIVE and SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER services. Click Properties and set the startup type to Automatic (Delayed Start). Finally reboot the system after the change.
  • Solution 2 – Login to SCCM server and open services console. Restart SMS_EXECUTIVE and SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER services. This method worked for me and fixed the above issue.

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  1. I get this issue so often now on many different installations over the last 18 months; nothing seems to fix it seems to be mainly the console on the site server. It has worked at times and then others it breaks like this – running latest build but no improvement 🙁

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