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New Features in SCCM 2107

In this post, I will cover the top 8 new features in SCCM 2107 (a.k.a. Configuration Manager 2107). The ConfigMgr 2107 has got many new features and improvements over the previous version.

Configuration Manager 2107 is the latest release by Microsoft, and you can upgrade SCCM version 2002 and above to 2107. You can refer by SCCM 2107 upgrade guide to perform the upgrade to version 2107.

Knowing the Configuration Manager 2107 new features are important because these new features are very useful. You can find the list of all new features published by Microsoft on their documentation site.

Before you start using the new features of ConfigMgr 2107, ensure you update your client agents to the latest version.

Top 8 New Features in SCCM 2107

Let’s take a look at some new features in SCCM 2107 (ConfigMgr 2107) and explore these features.

Implicit Uninstall of Applications

Among all new features in SCCM 2107, the Implicit Uninstall of Applications new feature is probably why you must upgrade your ConfigMgr to version 2107. Usually, the SCCM admins create two collections for application – Install and Uninstall. This practice adds overhead of managing more collections, and can reduce site performance for collection evaluation.

In SCCM 2107, you can enable an application deployment to support implicit uninstall. If a device is in a collection, the application installs and when you remove the device from the collection, the application uninstalls. This is really nice feature and will be used widely by admins.

I have published a separate guide on how to enable SCCM implicit uninstall of applications.

Implicit Uninstall of Applications-New Features in SCCM 2107
Implicit Uninstall of Applications – New Features in SCCM 2107

New prerequisite check for SQL Server 2012

Configuration Manager now warns if it detects the presence of SQL Server 2012 during upgrade or while installing a new site. The support lifecycle for SQL Server 2012 ends on July 12, 2022.

If you are still using SQL Server 2012, you must plan to upgrade database servers in your environment, including SQL Server Express at secondary sites.

Convert a CMG to virtual machine scale set

One of the new features in SCCM 2107 is if any customer with a CMG that uses the classic cloud service deployment can convert to a virtual machine scale set. Microsoft recommends that new CMG deployments use a virtual machine scale set.

List third-party updates catalogs in SCCM 2107

Microsoft recently published a list of supported software update catalogs for Configuration Manager. Some catalogs are freely available, and some catalogs have an additional cost associated with them. Microsoft recommends checking with the catalog provider for details including pricing, support, and if the catalog supports in-console third-party updates.

To view a list of third-party updates catalogs in SCCM 2107, choose More Catalogs from the ribbon in the Third-party software update catalogs node. Selecting More Catalogs opens a link to a documentation page containing a list of additional third-party software update catalog providers.

List third-party updates catalogs
List third-party updates catalogs – New Features in SCCM 2107

Support for macOS Big Sur in ConfigMgr 2107

Configuration Manager 2107 now supports the macOS Big Sur version 11. The last update we had on Mac SCCM was Microsoft released a new client to support macOS Catalina clients. Now you can also install client agent on latest version of Mac which is macOS Big Sur.

Here is a guide on how to install SCCM client agent on macOS Big Sur.

Publish query to Community hub from CMPivot

This new feature in SCCM 2107 allows admins to publish query to Community Hub directly from CMPivot. This new feature was added in Configuration Manager technical preview 2107 release as well.

To publish a query from CMPivot, launch the CMPivot and first run your query. Then select Publish Link option on the menu and that’s how easy it is to submit your query.

Learn how you can download Power BI reports from community hub.

Enhanced code editor for Scripts

In ConfigMgr 2107, you can edit scripts in an enhanced editor. The new editor supports syntax highlighting, code folding, word wrap, line numbers, and find and replace.

The new code editor supports the following features:

  • Editor mode with syntax highlighting and plain text toggle
  • Toggle word wrap and line numbers
  • Code folding
  • Language selection
  • Find, Find and Replace, and Go To line number
  • Font type and size selection
  • Zoom using buttons or with Ctrl + mouse wheel.
New Enhanced code editor
New Enhanced code editor

Support for Windows Server 2022 and the ADK for Windows 11

Configuration Manager now supports Windows Server 2022 as site systems and clients. It also supports the Windows ADK for Windows 11 and Server 2022.

You can now manage Windows Server 2022 using Configuration Manager 2107. Learn more about deploying Windows Server 2022 using SCCM 2107.

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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