How to Customize Software Center in SCCM 1710

This is a short post on how to customize software center in SCCM 1710. I will be covering on options available for software center customization. If you recall, the software center customization was first introduced in SCCM 1708 technical preview build. A lot of users liked this feature and it is now baked in SCCM 1710. Most of the companies today like to brand the products with their own logo. One such example is changing the logo in default sccm reports. Long back I had posted the steps to change default banner in SCCM reports. So now Microsoft gives you options to customize your software center and add enterprise branding elements.

Before you proceed you must first upgrade your SCCM to version 1710. Don’t worry the upgrade steps are already documented, just check this post. Ensure the client agents are upgraded to version 5.0.8577.1003.

So what can you customize in Software Center ?. Here are the details.

  • You can add your Software Center specific company name.
  • Select and set a color theme and set a company logo.
  • You can also set the visibility of tabs for client devices.

How to Customize Software Center in SCCM 1710

Let’s see the steps on how to customize software center in SCCM 1710. Launch the configuration manager console and navigate to Administration > Overview > Client Settings. Right click Default Settings and click Properties. You will notice a new option Software Center. Anything that you modify here will apply to all the clients in hierarchy.

Modify the following settings :-

Select these new settings to specify company information – Yes.

Company name – Specify your organization name.

Color scheme for Software Center – Click Select Color and choose color. You can also use hex color code here.

Select a logo for Software Center – Choose a logo with max dimensions of 100×400 pixels. The file size cannot be larger than 750kb.

The other options allow to hide/show the tabs in software center. I suggest you leave it as enabled / yes. Click OK.

How to Customize Software Center in SCCM 1710

With the above software center settings, my software center looks very awesome. Give a try and let me know how well you branded your software center.

How to Customize Software Center in SCCM 1710Video – Customize Software Center in SCCM 1710