Create Shortcuts for ConfigMgr Software Center

Last week, a colleague of mine asked me why is it so difficult to find the ConfigMgr Software Center ?. Why can’t we create shortcuts for launching Software Center. Probably you also might have faced the same question.

Well the answer is yes, you can launch the software center by running a simple command. However a lot of people are unaware of these commands.

Starting with version 1910, the Start menu folder names have changed for common components, such as the Configuration Manager console and Software Center. I am sure if you are a Configuration Manager admin, you would already know about this.

Software Center Start menu

I have also seen a ConfigMgr User Voice feedback stating “I would love the ability to put the Software Center icon on the desktop instead of burying it in the Start menu. That way my users have a quick and easy way to get to it”.

Let me show you how to create shortcuts for SCCM Software Center.

Create Shortcuts for ConfigMgr Software Center

Perform the below steps to create ConfigMgr Software Center shortcut on your computer. I assume the Software Center is installed on the computer.

  • Right click anywhere on the desktop and click New > Shortcut.
  • Type the location of the item as softwarecenter: and click Next.

Create Shortcuts for ConfigMgr Software Center

Specify a name for this shortcut which would be Software Center in this case. Click Finish.

Create Shortcuts for ConfigMgr Software Center

The Software Center shortcut is now ready. Let’s match the icon to that of Software Center. Right click Software Center shortcut and click Properties.

Under Web Document tab and click Change Icon. By default you will find the software center icon located under C:\Windows\CCM\SCClient.exe. Select the icon and click Apply and OK.

Change Software Center Icon

Double click Software Center shortcut and now you can see the Software Center getting launched.

Create Shortcuts for ConfigMgr Software Center Snap5

When you open Software Center, it has got multiple options. You can create the shortcuts for each of these with the below commands.

  • Applications – softwarecenter:Page=AvailableSoftware
  • Updates – softwarecenter:Page=Updates
  • Operating Systems – softwarecenter:Page=OSD
  • Installation Status – softwarecenter:Page=InstallationStatus
  • Device Compliance –  softwarecenter:Page=Compliance

If you create a separate shortcut for each of the Software Center option and specify a nice icon, you can see something like this.

Software Center Icons

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9 thoughts on “Create Shortcuts for ConfigMgr Software Center”

  1. Did MS changed something with SoftwareCenter ? I tested such command: C:\Windows\CCM\ClientUX\SCClient.exe softwarecenter:Page=OSD and it opens :Installation status” instead of Operating System. I tested it on 1809 and 1909. Any idea ?

  2. Prior to 1910, we would place the Software Center shortcut (during imaging) in the Start Tiles using the layoutmodification.xml. I’ve attempted to modify the xml to account for the path change for the shortcut but we can no longer pin it. I’d love to keep is in the Start Tiles vs desktop shortcut if possible. Any suggestions?

  3. Correction on Installation Status – softwarecenter:Page=AvailableSoftware

    should be Installation Status – softwarecenter:Page=InstallationStatus

  4. We have an additional Tab for ICT Service Desk which is an embedded link to our Servicedesk.
    softwarecenter:Page=ICT Service Desk would never work so do you have any ideas 🙂


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