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Display SCCM Software Center Icon on Desktop

I have been asked several times on how to display the SCCM software center icon or shortcut on desktop for all users. This would make the software center icon available on desktop so that users can launch it quickly.

By default when you install Configuration Manager client on a windows computer, it doesn’t display Software Center shortcut icon on the desktop.

First of all you can manually create software center shortcuts on any device running ConfigMgr client agent. You can create a shortcut to software center and use the softwarecenter: command rather than linking directly to the executable.

However not many would prefer this because when you have huge number of computers, it’s very difficult. So an easy way to display the software center shortcut on desktop would be using a group policy (GPO).

In one of my recent post, I showed you how to create desktop shortcuts using group policy. We will use the same method to achieve our task.

Display SCCM Software Center Icon on Desktop

Let’s create a group policy to display the software center icon on all users desktop. Basically we will link this shortcut to softwarecenter: so that it launches software center when clicked.

Launch the Group Policy Management Console. You can do this either on your domain controller or a member server installed with GPMC console.

In the GPMC console, expand Domains. Right click your domain and click Create a GPO in this domain, and Link it here. You can name this policy as deploy software center shortcut or anything meaningful. Click OK.

Next, right click the policy and click Edit.

Create a group policy to create software center shortcut
Create a group policy to create software center shortcut

In the GPMC editor, expand User Configuration > Preferences > Windows Settings > Shortcuts. Right click Shortcuts > New > click Shortcut.

Create New Shortcut
Create New Shortcut

In the new shortcut properties window, specify the following.

  • Action – Create
  • Name – Software Center
  • Target Type – URL
  • Location – All Users Desktop
  • Target URL – softwarecenter:
  • Shortcut Key – You may specify a unique shortcut key if required.
SCCM Software Center Icon on Desktop
SCCM Software Center Icon on Desktop

The most important part is getting the Software Center icon. You can download the software center icon from web. You can also use the online tools that convert your icon (.jpg, .png) to .ico file.

I have got the software center icon with .ico extension and I will be using the same here. Click OK.

Specify the Software Center Icon
Specify the Software Center Icon

On the client machine, run gpupdate and wait until you see the software center icon on desktop. When you find the icon, click the icon and that should launch the SCCM software center.

SCCM Software Center Icon on Desktop
SCCM Software Center Icon on Desktop

Tip – You can create the shortcuts for each of these with the below commands.

  • Applications – softwarecenter:Page=AvailableSoftware
  • Updates – softwarecenter:Page=Updates
  • Operating Systems – softwarecenter:Page=OSD
  • Installation Status – softwarecenter:Page=InstallationStatus
  • Device Compliance – softwarecenter:Page=Compliance

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