SCCM Application Groups – A ConfigMgr TP 1905 Feature

Last week we saw the release of SCCM technical preview 1905. One of the new feature introduced was SCCM Application groups. Let’s explore what are application groups and how do you create them in SCCM.

Using Application Groups, you add a group of applications and send to a user or device collection as a single deployment. In addition to that you can order the apps in the group so that the client installs them in a specific order.

This feature is really useful when you want to deploy multiple applications to a device collection. Instead of deploying each app individually, you can now create an application group, add apps and deploy using SCCM.

It’s interesting to know what users see in the Software Center. The metadata you specify about the application group is seen in Software Center as a single entity.

This reminds me of a feature introduced in SCCM 1802, where you can install multiple applications using software center.

Note – The Application Groups feature is a part of technical preview release 1905. This feature is now available in version 1910. Therefore remember that you can test this feature in your technical preview lab setup and find out how it works.

During my testing I noticed that Application Groups feature is still not ready because of the below listed issues.

  • If you deploy the application groups to a device collection as Available, it doesn’t show up in Software Center. You have to deploy the application group as required, without user interaction, and to a device collection.
  • Another issue is the deployment of an application group doesn’t show in the Deployments node of the Monitoring workspace.

The above listed issues could be fixed in the upcoming release, so for now you may try the app group feature keeping above points in mind.

Create SCCM Application Group

To create an Application Group in SCCM

  • Launch the SCCM Console.
  • Click Software Library > Overview > Application Management > Application Groups.
  • Right click Application Groups and click Create Application Group.

Create Application Groups

Specify some basic information about the application group. Click Next.

SCCM Application Groups

Click Next.

SCCM Application Groups

Add applications to the group. I am not sure what is the maximum number of apps that you can add to an application group. For now I am testing this feature by adding just 3 simple apps. Click OK and then Next.

Add applications to group

Click Next and on completion page, click Close.

Complete the wizard

Right click the Application Group and click Deploy.

Deploy Application Group

Select the device collection to which you want to target the app group. In the next step ensure you select the purpose as Required.

Complete the remaining steps and on completion page click Close.

Deployment Settings - Select purpose as RequiredOn the client machine, let’s test the deployment.

Since we deployed the application group as required, the apps are installed silently and we just see icons on the desktop.

To troubleshoot the SCCM application groups deployment, make a note of these two important log files – AppGroupHandler.log and AppEnforce.log. Both these log files are located on the client machine.

The below screenshot is of AppGroupHandler.log file. As mentioned earlier, the apps are installed in a sequential order. You can configure the install order by editing the application group.


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  1. Avatar photo Lior Amada says:

    Do All apps that i want to set as application group need to be on the same collection ?
    i 3 apps that i want to set as application group
    each application in different collection, is it possible to set them as application group? or do i have to put tjem in one collection and then set them as application group?

  2. Avatar photo Andy Powell says:

    We just upgraded to 1906. I would like to test the deployment of O365. I have two applications making up the deployment and one is set as a dependency. When I try to create an Application Group and add the applications, both applications do not show up in the list as a selection. Is there a reason why?

  3. I really don’t see the point. How is this more efficient if you still have to deploy each application group member as available to a collection before deploying said application group? Seems like it’s actually creating more work.

    1. You can create an app group and deploy it as available/required to user/device collection. The feature to deploy the app group as required to user collection is added in SCCM 1910 release.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I understand what you’re saying. However, my problem lies with the fact that when you deploy the app group, you have to deploy each app that’s a member of that group as available first. I can see how this would be useful for some environments. Maybe just not mine. 🙂

        1. Hi Roohan,
          I’m not sure I understand what you’re talking about when you say “you have to deploy each app that’s a member of that group as available first.” I don’t think that is true, you only have to distribute it.

          1. This is true as of latest build 10-5-2021. The application group shows in software center but fails until you deploy each application that is a member of the group to the same machine. once every app is deployed then the application group install succeeds. Waste of time until that is fixed.

      2. Avatar photo Lior Amada says:

        i have a little problem
        im deploying application group that i create and noting is happening on the client
        if im deploying a single application its OK
        any idea?

  4. It seems that there aren’t any options to deploy the application groups to Users. I am not sure whats the rationale behind that? Even though the documentation says that a User or a Device collection can be used for deployment but it doesn’t seem to be the case. We are on SCCM 1906.

    1. The feature to deploy app groups to user collection is added in SCCM technical preview 1910.

      1. Is it possible to mix Applications in User Context with Applications in System User Context in this Groups?

  5. Which would be the difference with a task sequence where you can also install a group of applications in the order you need and deploy it to a device collection? Is there any extra benefit?

    1. It’s same. Because the final goal is you want the applications to be installed.

  6. Seems unnecessary when you can deploy apps to a collection (similar to the new application group) and then add other collections or devices to the application collection… Once you have that setup it’s easy enough to sort.

    Still, I guess more options can be good?

    1. Application Groups feature has been improved in SCCM 1910 release. You can also submit feedback to the product team.