Step-by-Step SCCM 1710 Upgrade Guide

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This post is a SCCM 1710 upgrade guide. Microsoft announced version 1710 for current branch of Configuration Manager. While an update rollup was released recently for SCCM 1706, Microsoft is ready with version 1710.

Each of these updates bring lots of fixes and enhancements to existing version of configuration manager. This post is basically a SCCM Configuration Manager 1710 upgrade guide. We will also look at what’s new in version 1710 of Configuration Manager current branch.

Before you upgrade to SCCM 1710, go through the checklist once. The update installation is almost the same as we had seen in previous posts. If you have got multi-tier hierarchy, install the update on CAS first and then on each child site.

Most of all to upgrade to SCCM 1710, you must be running at least SCCM 1702. Before you upgrade, ensure you take a back up of your SCCM server. For SCCM Build numbers click here and for SCCM Technical preview build numbers click here.

SCCM 1710 New Features

I will be listing some of the key features that comes with SCCM 1710. You can find all the features in detail documented here.

  • Peer Cache and managing Surface driver updates is no longer a pre-release feature.
  • SCCM 1710 supports Windows 10 version 1709 deployment.
  • You can now set icon size of apps in software center to 512×512 pixels.
  • Enhanced Software center customization.
  • New step in the task sequence to run another task sequence.
  • You can now restart computers right from SCCM console.
  • Co-management for Windows 10 devices. You can now concurrently manage Windows 10 devices by Configuration Manager and Intune as well as joined to Active Directory and Azure AD.

SCCM 1710 Upgrade Guide

Here are the steps that are part of SCCM Configuration Manager 1710 upgrade guide.

  • Click Administration > Overview > Updates and Servicing.
  • On the top ribbon click Check for updates.
  • At this point open dmpdownloader.log file and monitor the download process. Wait for the update to appear in the console.

SCCM Configuration Manager 1710 Upgrade Guide

It is recommended to Run prerequisite check before installing this update. Since I am doing the upgrade on my lab setup, I will directly choose Install Update Pack. Right click Configuration Manager 1710 and click Install Update pack.

SCCM Configuration Manager 1710 Upgrade Guide

Ignore the prerequisite warnings and click Next.

SCCM Configuration Manager 1710 Upgrade Guide

You can enable the features later, so don’t select anything here and click Next.

SCCM Configuration Manager 1710 Upgrade Guide

Choose the client update options wisely and click Next.

SCCM Configuration Manager 1710 Upgrade Guide

Finally on Completion page, click Close.

SCCM Configuration Manager 1710 Upgrade Guide

To monitor the upgrade progress, navigate to Monitoring > Updates and Servicing Status. Right click Update and click  Show Status.You now see detailed status for Configuration Manager 1710 installation.

SCCM Configuration Manager 1710 Upgrade Guide

Click Refresh on top ribbon or close the console and open it. You will be presented with console upgrade box. Click OK to upgrade the SCCM console from version 5.00.8540.1611 to 5.00.8577.1100. Monitor ConfigMgrAdminUISetup.log located on C: drive to see the console upgrade process.

SCCM Configuration Manager 1710 Upgrade GuidePost Configuration Manager 1710 Upgrade

Once you complete SCCM Configuration Manager 1710 upgrade, the next steps are :-

  • Update Boot Images to all the distribution points (if it’s not done).
  • Ensure Configuration Manager client package is updated to all DP’s. You can check the content status to see last update.

SCCM Configuration Manager 1710 Client Upgrade

To upgrade the client agents, click Administration > Overview > Site Configuration > Sites. Click Hierarchy Settings and click Client Upgrade tab. If you have not configured this earlier, enable client upgrade as shown in the below screenshot. Choose the days within which all client agents are upgraded.

SCCM Configuration Manager 1710 Upgrade Guide Snap9

Checking the site properties reveals the version as 5.00.8577.1000 and build number 8577. Clicking About configuration manager should show site version as 5.0.8577.1000 and console version as 5.00.8577.1000.

SCCM Configuration Manager 1710 Upgrade Guide Snap10

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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