How to Remove Distribution Point In SCCM

In this article, we will look at the steps to remove Distribution Point in SCCM. Using SCCM console, we will remove or uninstall the distribution point role from Windows Server.

In the previous post we saw the installation of SCCM distribution point role. Distribution points play a critical role in the delivery of packages, programs, endpoint protection updates, applications, software updates, and operating system deployment (OSD).

At times, you might have to remove or decommission the distribution point server when it’s not required. The procedure to remove the DP role in SCCM is easy. No major prerequisites as such.

Once you remove the SCCM distribution point role from Windows Server, you can decommission that server. If required you can install the distribution point role on a different Windows server.

Steps to Remove Distribution Point In SCCM

You can use the following steps to remove distribution point in SCCM.

  • Launch the SCCM console.
  • Navigate to Administration > Overview > Site Configuration > Servers and Site System Roles.
  • Select the Windows Server that is installed with DP role.
  • At the bottom, under Site System Roles, right click on Distribution Point role  and click Remove Role.
Steps to Remove Distribution Point In SCCM
Steps to Remove Distribution Point In SCCM

You get a message box asking you “Are you sure that you want to remove the selected role “Distribution Point” from server “Server name” ?. Click on Yes.

Remove Distribution Point In SCCM
Steps to Remove Distribution Point In SCCM

After the Distribution point role is removed in SCCM, right-click on the DP server and click Delete. The server entry is now deleted.

Steps to Remove Distribution Point In SCCM
Steps to Remove Distribution Point In SCCM

For DP troubleshooting you can see the Distmgr.log file which records content creation, compression, delta replication, and information updates.

After the DP role is removed, you can manually clean up the folders that were created during DP installation on the DP server.

Lastly during the setup of Distribution Point we had to add the SCCM site server computer account to the Local Administrators group on the box where DP role is to be installed. You can now remove the computer account from local administrators group.

Remove Distribution Point In SCCM 2012 R2
Monitor distmgr.log for DP role uninstall

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  1. Avatar photo Bryan Laibson says:

    Thank you for the post. I removed role fine but when I went to go delete the server I received the error – the server cannot be deleted because it contains the following site system role – Component Server.
    Component server role supports other site systems and is created automatically by configuration manager. This will automatically be removed after you remove other site system roles on the server. Currently don’t plan on removing other site system roles on the server. Any advice is welcomed.
    Thank you

  2. I removed the DP role, waited till the logs and Virtual Directories were removed and then removed the site server that hosted the DP. It has been a couple of days now and I still see the SMS Distribution Points Pool in the IIs Application Pools so is that normal or are you supposed to delete that manually? Anything the site role creates it should remove!!!

  3. Hi Prajwal ,
    Thanks for great document ..
    I have a question
    I have deleted DP role from a server
    I still see SCCMContentLib folder on the server ..if I delete this folder manually from the server will it impact content on other DPs ?/Will it cause any other issue ?
    Quick response would be appreciated

    1. If you have uninstalled the DP role and that folder still exists, you can delete that folder manually.

  4. Hi Prajwal,
    First thing, i like your site and how well you document all your guides!
    I have a few DP’s which stopped receiving contents because some admin manually removed the configured net shares. Now even though the net shares were put back, it’s still not able to receive the contents. I want to remove and delete the DP from our SCCM and reinstall. But it has GB’s of contents inside, will it redistribute all the packages? Or any suggestions on how should I do it without having to redo the distributions? Thanks in advance and more power to your site!!

    1. I’m looking for the answer to this also.

  5. Thank you for the guide. But I think there is a problem in the description you give. In the part where you say “… navigate to Administration -> Overview -> Site Configuration. Click Create Site System Server and …” that last part should read “Click Servers and Site Systems Roles…” .
    Your screen shots were perfect and helped me figure out what you meant, but the text needs to be updated to match what you are showing in the screen shots.
    Thank you for your WONDERFUL site. I get information from it quite often. Keep up the great work.

  6. Avatar photo Anthony Sharpe says:

    I currently have my primary site server acting as my DP and I want to move the DP to a separate server. How do I go about doing it?