SCCM 1806 Hotfix Rollup KB4465865 [Fixes and Installation]

A new SCCM 1806 Hotfix Rollup KB4465865 is released to fix multiple issues mostly related to software updates.This is the most recent hotfix released for SCCM 1806. We also saw the hotfixes released for SCCM 1806 slow and fast ring customers. While with SCCM 1802, we had several hotfixes released. More information about the SCCM 1806 hotfix KB4465865 is documented here. This hotfix is available for installation in the Updates and Servicing node of the SCCM console. You can install this hotfix directly as there are no prerequisites required. In addition, no reboot is required after installing this hotfix.

SCCM 1806 Hotfix Rollup KB4465865 Fixes

SCCM 1806 Hotfix Rollup KB4465865 contains the fixes for following issues.

  • When you upgrade to SCCM 1806, software updates do not download. This issue has been noticed only in environments that use WSUS on a disconnected network. Also known as air-gapped network. To brief about WSUS on disconnected network, you can use Windows Server Update Services to manage updates to computers that are located on a network segment that is not connected to the Internet.
  • SCCM 1806 always looks for express installation CAB files that are not present in a disconnected WSUS scenario.
  • An attempted download occurs for any software update (including non-Windows 10 updates) that contains express installation files. The download attempt also occurs if express installation file support is not enabled.
  • Another issue that is addressed is related to express installation files. Any software updates that contain express installation files, SCCM synchronizes the file and distributes it to the client. This is seen even if the client does not require the file for a given deployment.
  • Most of all Installing the hotfix KB4465865 will stop the unconditional download attempts for express CAB files.
  • After installing the hotfix KB4465865, downloading occurs only if express installation file support is enabled for Windows 10 updates.

Install SCCM 1806 Hotfix Rollup KB4465865

To install SCCM 1806 hotfix rollup KB4465865, launch the configuration manager console. Navigate to Administration > Overview > Updates and Servicing. Right click Configuration Manager 1806 Hotfix Rollup KB4465865 and click Install Update Pack.

SCCM 1806 Hotfix Rollup KB4465865

On the Configuration Manager Updates wizard, click Next. Notice that the updates includes only Configuration Manager site server updates.

SCCM 1806 Hotfix Rollup KB4465865

Accept the license terms. On the Summary page and Progress page, click Next. Finally click close on Completion page.

SCCM 1806 Hotfix Rollup KB4465865

Monitor the update pack installation status under Monitoring > Updates and Servicing status. I would wait until i see status of all the post installation steps as completed.

SCCM 1806 Hotfix Rollup KB4465865


  1. Avatar photo David Martinez says:

    I am so upset this is stuck on Post installation Installing SMS_Executive Service and SMS_DATABASE Hierarchy and replication .. it says not started.. how do I get it to restart??????

  2. Not able to apply Hotfix Rollup:
    Failed to apply update changes 0x80004005
    Error information persisted in the database.

  3. Avatar photo Christine says:

    Once updated to Configuration Manager 1806 Hotfix Rollup KB4465865 shouldn’t the Site version change? My site version didn’t?

    1. Did not update the site version for me neither. Wonder if this is a known thing?

  4. Avatar photo Fabian Groux says:

    I’ve just apply this KB to our SCCM.
    Be careful, there is no reboot needed but the DPs are reinstalled after the patch. So, be sure to planify the patching when nobody needs them (unlike me -_-)

    1. “DPs are reinstalled after the patch” – Are you sure ?. How did you find that DP’s are reinstalled.

      1. Avatar photo Fabian Groux says:

        Yep, the DPs dropped.
        I saw after under Component Status that the SMS_EXECUTIVE component is reinstalling.

        And by the way, the kb worked and solve the problem. The clients need just to be rebooted.

  5. Avatar photo Leonardo Irepa says:

    Very Good!!!… we have this problem in our enviroment,

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