Enable SCCM Current Branch Pre-Release Features

In this post we will see how to enable SCCM Current Branch pre-release features. The pre-release features were first introduced in SCCM 1602. To use pre-release features that comes with update 1606, you must give your consent first. Pre-release features are included in such updates as new features. As per Microsoft, pre-release features are included in the product for early testing in a production environment. They shouldn’t be considered production ready. In addition not all the pre-release software would make it to production ready. Some of the pre-release software may remain confined to pre-release only. To enable these features, one must provide consent to use these features. The features are seen in the console but are available to use only after consent is provided. Once you provide consent, you can turn on the required features.

Some of the pre-release features that are available with SCCM 1610 update are shown below.

Enable SCCM Current Branch Pre-Release Features
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Enable SCCM Current Branch Pre-Release Features

Let’s now see the steps to enable SCCM current branch pre-release features. Launch Configuration Manager console. Navigate to Administration > Overview > Cloud Services > Updates and Servicing > Features. On the right pane, under Feature Type, you will see list of Pre-release features. You cannot turn them on as the option is greyed out.

Enable SCCM Current Branch Pre-Release FeaturesOn the Hierarchy Setting Properties, under General, check the box “Consent to use Pre-Release features“. Furthermore once you decide to use these features and enable it, you cannot undo the changes. So if you have decided to use these features, check the box, click Apply and OK.

Enable SCCM Current Branch Pre-Release FeaturesAfter the above configuration is done, we can now Turn on the pre-release feature(s). You could read the description first and then enable the feature.

Enable SCCM Current Branch Pre-Release FeaturesUnder Hierarchy settings, we now see the option consent to use pre-release features is greyed out. Click OK to close hierarchy settings properties.

Enable SCCM Current Branch Pre-Release Features

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Is it possible to Turn Off Features?

Lukholo Jeneto

Hi Prajwal,

Is still the case, like unable to Turn Off Features, is there no work around?


Even after consent, I’m unable to turn on the features. Thoughts on troubleshooting steps?

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