Download Microsoft Chromium Edge on Windows 10

Looking for Microsoft Chromium Edge browser ?. The good news is you can now download Microsoft Chromium Edge for Windows 10. In this post I will tell you how to download and install the Microsoft Chromium Edge browser on Windows 10.

We will also take a look at Microsoft Edge inside channels and which one of these should you download. First of all understand that Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Chromium Edge are two different browsers.

Microsoft Chromium Edge is currently available in preview. You can also call it as Microsoft Edge insider. It is distributed using channels called Microsoft Edge Insider Channels.

Currently you can install the Microsoft Edge Insider browser only on Windows 10 devices. If you look at the download page, it says Microsoft Edge preview builds shall be released for other OS versions soon.

I am sure there is one question that you have got in your mind. Can i install Edge insider build when Edge browser is already installed ?. The answer is yes, Chromium Edge won’t replace the old Microsoft Edge. So you can run both these browsers on single machine without any issues.

Maybe as we see more stable Edge insider builds and improvements, there is a possibility that the Edge will get replaced by Chromium Edge. Until then you can enjoy and try out the insider builds.

Microsoft Edge Insider Channels

So what are Microsoft Edge inside channels ?. Let’s a take a look at these channels. Microsoft has launched three Edge distribution channels.

  • Beta Channel – As per Microsoft, the Beta channel will be the most stable Microsoft Edge preview experience. In this channel, the edge browser gets an update every 6 weeks. Seems like this is going to be the most stable build of all. The downloads are not available yet however Microsoft shall publish it soon.
  • Dev Channel – The dev builds gets the update every week. Before the release, the are tested by the Microsoft Edge team. In addition to that they are generally more stable than Canary.
  • Canary Channel – With Canary builds, updates are released almost every night to keep you up to date on the progress. I would say these are most unstable builds among all. You may choose this channel but be ready to get updates very often.
Microsoft Chromium Edge Insider Channels
Microsoft Edge Insider Channels – Beta, Dev and Canary

Download and Install Microsoft Edge Insider

Now that you know about Microsoft Edge Insider channels, select the build that you wish to install. Most of all you need not be a Windows Insider to download edge insider build. The download is available for everyone.

To download Microsoft Edge preview builds, click here. Select either Dev or Canary channel and click Download button. I am going to download Microsoft Edge Dev Channel.

Accept the license terms and click Download. Save MicrosoftEdgeSetup executable on Windows 10 computer. Now run the MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe. Note that you won’t get the full installer here, the setup file downloads the complete installer online.

Install Microsoft Chromium Edge on Windows 10

The browser will launch automatically after installation is complete.

You get two options, start with your data or start from scratch. By going to Settings > Import browser data, you can import data from other browsers installed on the machine.

The import option is pretty much available in almost all browsers. Furthermore you can login with your Microsoft account to save all your browser data.

Download Microsoft Chromium Edge on Windows 10Give a try and let us know how was your experience with Microsoft Chromium Edge browser in comments section.


  1. If we could deploy it via SCCM that would be great. Got a few users testing it with our apps

    1. Good point. Since these are dev builds, i would wait for stable version release. I guess in coming days Microsoft will provide an msi file for easier deployments using SCCM.

      1. Hey
        I agree. Have a few of my Devs testing things and having a look at it. I am using it as my default browser at the moment

  2. Avatar photo Jamie Dickson says:

    I’ve been running the Dev build for about 3 weeks. Very stable and quick. Microsoft has been very good about responding to feedback and enhancements. I actually got an email this morning that they were working on my request of the option to Download or Open when clicking on a file online. This has never been an option with Chrome.

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