Microsoft Edge Application creation fails in SCCM

If you have recently attempted to create new Edge application in SCCM, it fails with error Failed to download artifact. You see this at the final step of Microsoft Edge client installation wizard.

You are not the only one to see this error because the issue is not with SCCM rather it is with the Install-Edge.ps1 PowerShell script.

Checking the PatchDownloader.log reveals a successful download of Edge application. That’s true since we see the Microsoft Edge msi application downloads successfully. However in the next step you will see the actual error.

Microsoft Edge Application creation fails in SCCM

On the progress page of Microsoft Edge client installation wizard, you will see the error. Failed to download artifact and the URL of Edge msi along with the version.

Microsoft Edge Application creation fails in SCCM
Failed to download artifact – Microsoft Edge Application creation fails in SCCM

Finally you see the errors on the Completion page.

Microsoft Edge Application creation fails in SCCM

If the Edge application creation fails in SCCM with error failed to download artifact, here is what you can do to fix it.

You can download the updated version of Install-Edge.ps1. With this script, you can successfully download Edge application and deploy it using SCCM.

Note – This script is only intended for computers with the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, version 1910 console installed. This issue will be fixed in SCCM 2002 current branch slow ring release.

First of all close the Configuration Manager console before you make further changes.

Backup the existing Edge installation script. Go to %Configuration Manager console installation directory%\bin\scripts\Install-Edge.ps1. Copy and save that script elsewhere.

Next, delete the old Install-Edge.ps1 script from the scripts folder. In my testing, when I tried to copy and replace the new script, I got the Access denied error.

Now download the latest Install-Edge.ps1 and copy it to scripts folder.

Launch the Configuration Manager console and go to Software Library > Overview > Microsoft Edge Management.

Right click Microsoft Edge Management and click Create Microsoft Edge Application. Follow the steps in the wizard and you should now see no errors while creating Edge Application.

I hope this post helps.

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