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Prajwal Desai
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In SCCM technical preview 1910, you can create and deploy Microsoft Edge application. As per Microsoft you can deploy Microsoft Edge version 77 and later to your users. By the way the Configuration Manager Technical preview 1910 is released and take a look at new features here.

When I got to know that we can deploy Edge application using SCCM, I was excited to test the feature because prior to this I was unable to deploy Edge application using SCCM.

While creating the Edge application, the admins can pick either the Beta or Dev channel, along with a version of the Microsoft Edge client to deploy. To know more about Microsoft Edge insider channels, read this post.

Note – The Create Microsoft Edge application is a new feature introduced with SCCM technical preview 1910 . This feature is not available in current branch version yet. But I would love to see this feature in the upcoming SCCM 1910 release.

Create and Deploy Microsoft Edge Using SCCM

Use the following steps to create and deploy Microsoft Edge application in SCCM.

  • In the SCCM Console, go to Software Library > Overview > Microsoft Edge Management.
  • Right click Microsoft Edge Management and click Create Microsoft Edge Application.
  • Follow the installation wizard to deploy Microsoft Edge application.

Create Deploy Microsoft Edge Using SCCM

Under Application Settings, specify the application name, description and content location. Click Next.

Create Deploy Microsoft Edge Using SCCM

Under Microsoft Edge client settings, select the Channel (Beta or Dev). Next, select the Microsoft Edge version to deploy. You can select the latest version or click Specific Version and manually select the version.

Click Next.

Select the build and version

Choose if you want to deploy application now or later. Click Next.

deploy the edge application

To target the application, click Browse and select a device collection. Click Next.

Select Device Collection

Add your distribution points or distribution point groups to distribute the content. Click Next.

Select Distribution Point

Deployment Settings – Choose the deployment action and purpose. Click Next.

Deploy the application as Available

Finally on the completion page, click Close.


On the client computer, launch Software Center. Click Applications and select Microsoft Edge application. To install the Edge app, click Install.

Install Microsoft Edge

The Edge application installation is successful.

Install Microsoft Edge

If the Edge application install fails or if you need to monitor the application installation, open AppEnforce.log file on the client computer.

appenforce log file

Troubleshooting Tip – While deploying the Edge application in SCCM, I noticed Unmatched exit code (1) is considered an execution failure in AppEnforce.log file. This happens if the Powershell Execution Policy is set to Restricted. The product team is aware of this issue.

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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