Create a Work Profile for Personal Devices in Intune

Microsoft Intune allows you to create work profiles on our personal Android and IOS devices. This is done through an Integrated profile without modifying our applications and personal configurations.

Intune helps you deploy apps and settings to Android Enterprise work profile devices to make sure work and personal information are separate.

Let’s see how we can perform this procedure from the Microsoft Intune console. To know more about managing Android work profiles with Intune, read this post.

Create a Work Profile for Personal Devices in Intune

Launch the Intune portal. Go to Android Enrollment and click Personal devices with work profile.

Create a Work Profile for Personal Devices in Intune

Most of all use work profiles to manage corporate data and applications on Android devices owned by users. By default, enrollment of personally owned work profile devices is enabled, hence no further action is necessary.

To configure platform restrictions and assign them to specific user groups, go to Registration Restrictions. Block enrollment of Android device administrators in enrollment restrictions if you only want users to sign up with Android Enterprise work profiles.

Create a Work Profile for Personal Devices in Intune

Now open Google Play and download Intune Company portal to register our personal device.

We will follow the instructions marked to be able to access our Work-Profile and be able to manage it from Intune.

Intune Work Profile

At the end of the wizard we can see in our team the added profile and in which the applications previously intended for the group that hosts the device.

You can also see the applications.

Going back to Intune portal, we can see the device with the applications.

Intune Work Profile

Clicking the device shows more details about it.

Intune Work Profile

Finally if you click Managed Apps, we can see all apps installed on the Android device. With this configuration we can work and enjoy our devices without having to format them and lose our personal information.

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  1. Policies pushed to windows 10 devices are pushed on device based and not on user based. On personal devices we face challenges as controls are applied on the local profiles also. is there a way we can push the policies only on work profile and allow full access on personal profiles

  2. There does not seem to be a work profile option in iOS. I only see this option for Android. Is there a work profile option and if so where?

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