How to Repair Applications in SCCM 1810 – Potential Feature

In this post we will see how to repair applications in SCCM 1810. One of the new and potential feature of SCCM 1810 is the ability to repair applications. If I remember correctly, the feature to repair applications was introduced in SCCM 1807 technical preview. I also see another feature of SCCM 1807 TP has been added to final release of SCCM 1810. It’s the approve application requests via email. We will discuss more about it in the upcoming post.

The reason why i call “Repair Application” as a potential feature is because this is going to ease the work of IT admins a lot. Until now when an application was deployed, the end user could either install or uninstall the application through software center. With repair option, the end user can now repair or fix the broken application right from software center. This applies to newly created applications as well as deployed applications.

Note – The repair command option is available for only Windows Installer and Script Installer deployment types. In addition to repair command, there is another option called Repair start in. This is optional and you can specify the folder that has the repair program for the deployment type. This folder can be an absolute path on the client. It can also be a relative path on a distribution point of the folder with the package.

Where can I see Repair Program option in SCCM 1810 ?

  • If the application is already deployed, you need to specify the repair command and update the deployment type. The repair command option is available under application properties > deployment types > Programs.

  • If you are deploying the application for the first time, you get the option to specify repair applications under deployment settings. You simply need to enable the check box “Allow end users to attempt to repair the applications“. You then need to specify the repair command later.

How to Repair Applications in SCCM 1810

Repair applications feature is available in SCCM 1810, so ensure that you upgrade your SCCM infrastructure to version 1810. Here is my step by step guide to upgrade SCCM to version 1810.

As an example I am going to specify the repair command for my existing application 7z. In your case it could be any other application. Under Programs, i specify the repair command using /f option.

How to Repair Applications in SCCM 1810

Once you specify the repair command, go to deployment types. Right click the application and click Update Content.

How to Repair Applications in SCCM 1810

On the client computer you should now see the Repair option next to uninstall. Needless to mention the Repair option appears only if the application has been installed. Click Repair button.

How to Repair Applications in SCCM 1810

You will now see a Repair application box. You are now about to repair this application. This action may make the application unstable for a while. Are you sure you want to repair this application ?. Click OK.

How to Repair Applications in SCCM 1810

The repair command is now executed and the application is repaired. Check the AppEnforce.log file to see more details.

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Hi, Is there a chance to set this also via PowerShell? i was not able to find any valid parameter…. 🙁

Ashish Nalawde

First of all Thank you so much prajwal!!! for putting the note on very simple and clear to understand as usual you do.

My question here for application repair tab how is it work for required option.. Or do we need to create separate deployment as available to create repair option in software libery.

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