SCCM TS Shows Remove the CD and do not boot from CD

With the new series of Dell laptops that our customer bought, the boot images required import of drivers. This was not a difficult task and we created a new boot image with new set of drivers. However after importing the drivers the admins reported an OSD issue. The admins pointed out that SCCM task sequence showed Remove the CD and do not boot from CD. The task sequence continued post the reboot but it failed at some point. If you come across this issue, here is how you fix it.

Fix for SCCM Task Sequence shows Remove the CD and do not boot from CD

Remove the CD and do not boot from CDThere were multiple task sequences created for specific deployments. You need to understand that both x86 and x64 boot images must be distributed to distribution points. Therefore ensure both the boot images are distributed to DP. You should also check if they are downloaded to SMSImages folder located under RemoteInstall.

In most cases when the new boot image is created it is not associated with the task sequence. When you have lot of task sequences, this is something that is boring job. So always ensure the boot images that are enabled for your PXE server are the same that are associated with the task sequence. If a computer PXE boots with a boot image that is different from the one referenced in task sequence, you get the error “Remove the CD and do not boot from CD“. To fix this I had to check the properties of the TS and change the boot image to correct one. Also, when you create new boot image, always update it to the distribution points. When you select the TS, you can always click references to see what all is associated with the TS. Hope this short post helps you.


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