SCOM Log Files Location and Description

Prajwal Desai
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In this post I will cover about SCOM log files, the location of SCOM log files and their description. When you are working on Operations Manager, it is beneficial to know about SCOM log files. You must also know what each of these log files record and their locations.

If you have worked on Configuration Manager, you would know the importance of the log files. The SCCM log files are very important because you begin the troubleshooting by examining these log files.

Similarly SCOM log files are also helpful when it comes to troubleshooting issues related to SCOM features. Unlike SCCM there aren’t many log files. In addition to that, most of the significant events are written to Operations Manager event log.

Location of Operations Manager Log Files

The operations manager log files are located here – C:\Users\<UserName>\Appdata\Local\SCOM\Logs.

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<UserName> – This is the name of the account you used to run the SCOM installation. When you install Operations Manager, you have the option of specifying either a domain account or using LocalSystem. The more secure approach is to specify a domain account.

All the important log files are located in LOGS folder. For SCOM agent related log files, check this article. And for cross platform logging methods, read this article.

Location of SCCM Log filesNote – In Operations Manager 2019, you must install Microsoft.Linux.Log.Monitoring management pack to enable Linux log file monitoring.

SCOM Log Files Location and Description

This table lists all the Operations Manager log files.

Operations Manager Log Files Location of Log File Log File Description
OpsMgrSetupWizard.log Appdata\Local\SCOM\Logs Reports activity and progress of operations manager setup wizard.
WebConsole.log Appdata\Local\SCOM\Logs Records the installation details of the operations console.
OMConsole.log Appdata\Local\SCOM\Logs Refer this log file when you install operations console.
OMServer.log Appdata\Local\SCOM\Logs Logs progress of installation of the management server feature.
SCOMPrereqCheck.log Appdata\Local\SCOM\Logs XML output of the prerequisite checker.
OMReporting.log Appdata\Local\SCOM\Logs Logs progress of installation of the reporting feature.
Setupx.log Appdata\Local\SCOM\Logs Detailed logging of installation progress.
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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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