How to Repair Operations Manager Installation (SCOM)

The steps to repair Operations Manager installation are very simple. Using the Operations Manager setup wizard, you can easily repair the SCOM features. If you are a SCOM admin and if you haven’t used repair feature yet, this post should help.

If you are facing issues with any of the features of Operations Manager, you can follow the steps covered in this post. For instance if you notice issues with operations console such as console slowness or errors, you can use this built-in repair feature.

When you install SCOM, you also install some features along with it. The Operations Manager features include :-

  • Management Server
  • Operations Console
  • Web Console
  • Reporting Server

While installing SCOM you get to select the features that you want to install on a server. You might install all the features on single server or install selected features on another server. The steps to repair the feature will work on server installed with any of these feature.

In addition to that, if you want to repair any of these features or just a single feature, you can do that. You can either use the SCOM setup media or initiate repair by going into Control Panel on SCOM server.

In this post I will show you how to fix SCOM issues by running the Operations Manager Install/Uninstall option from control panel. I am currently running Operations Manager 2016 in my lab setup.

Note – If you have the SCOM install media, you can also perform the repair. Launch the setup file and click Install. In the next page, you get the option to repair the SCOM installation. Since launching repair via control panel is quite easy, I prefer to use the same method.

How to Repair Operations Manager Installation

To repair Operations Manager installation

  • Close the Operations Manager console.
  • On the SCOM server, launch Control Panel.
  • Click Programs > Programs and Features.
  • Right click System Center 2016 Operations Manager and click Uninstall/Change. In the next step you should see Operations Manager setup wizard with repair option.

How to Repair Operations Manager Installation

This brings up the Operations Manager Setup wizard. Click Repair the Operations Manager Installation.

How to Repair Operations Manager Installation

You need to select the SCOM features that you want to repair. In my case all these features are installed and running on just one server. Select the features that you wish to repair and click Repair.

How to Repair Operations Manager InstallationThe features that are repaired include :-

  • Initial Configuration
  • Operational database configuration
  • Management Server
  • Data warehouse configuration
  • Operations console
  • Web console
  • Reporting
  • Final configuration

Most of all if you take a look at SCOM log files, you can see the repair operations in the log file. I will probably cover about SCOM log files in a separate post.

Wait for the repair operation to complete. In my lab setup it took almost five minutes to perform repair.

You must restart the server after the repair is complete. Ideally the issues should be fixed by the wizard. However if you see any errors related to any feature, you might need to troubleshoot further.

Click Close and restart the server.

How to Repair Operations Manager Installation

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