How to Increase SCCM Site Server Log Files Size

How to Increase SCCM site server log files size – Most of the troubleshooting in SCCM is done with the help of log files. An error code is helpful but not all the times. The SCCM log files are very important when you want to know what the actual issue is. I have published many posts on troubleshooting SCCM errors where log files have revealed actual errors. The default log file size for all site server log files is 2.5MB. When the site server log files size reaches 2.5MB and above you see line MAXIMUM LOG FILE SIZE REACHED – FILE RENAMED. In the below screenshot you can see that once the log file reaches its max size it creates a new file.

How to Increase SCCM Site Server Log Files SizeHow to Increase SCCM Site Server Log Files Size

The SCCM site server log files size can be changed with a simple registry tweak. On the site server open the registry editor. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\Tracing. You will see lot of components under Tracing, select the required component. On the right pane you will notice the MaxFileSize entry which is of type REG_DWORD.

Note – The below procedure shows the steps to change the MaxFileSize (size of log file) for each component. You could choose the desired component and then increase the log file size. However I believe there is a way to increase the size of all SCCM client log files at once. This will be shown in a separate post.

How to Increase SCCM Site Server Log Files SizeTo change the size of log file, double click MaxFileSize. The value data is in hexadecimal format. So in the below screenshot you can see that I have entered the hex value 989680. When you convert this value to decimal it is 10000000. You could use a hexadecimal to decimal converter and enter the desired hex value. With this change, I have increased the log file size from 2.5MB to approx 10MB.

How to Increase SCCM Site Server Log Files Size

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How about increasing the size of the PatchDownloader.log?


Same question for me where could I increase the PatchDownloader size?

Steve Freeman

It may have changed since you first posted this, I have no idea. But this is possible directly through SCCM itself now (or more specifically through the Configuration Manager Service Manager). Details are on Technet here:

Lenny Brooklyn

Back in the old SMS 2.0 days we would simply drop a “Dial_Me_In_Baby.sms” file on the root and it would turn on all the logging. Those were the days!

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