Configuration Manager SCCM Technical Preview 1803 Features

This is a quick post related to SCCM Technical preview 1803 features. Update 1803 for Configuration Manager Technical Preview Branch was announced here. There are many exciting features packed in this update. While we had seen the release of SCCM 1802 current branch update last week, this update came out very quickly.

After technical preview version 1802, I was hoping that the next release could be baseline version. However the baseline version for tech preview builds still remain at 1711. If you have installed tech preview build on a VM, I am sure snapshots are helping you a lot. Maybe we can expect tech preview baseline version next time ?. You can download SCCM 1711 tech preview here. To get SCCM tech preview build numbers refer this post.

Configuration Manager SCCM Technical Preview 1803 Features

Let’s take a look at SCCM technical preview 1803 features. Some of the features are really cool and I hope they will make their way into current branch soon.

  • Pull Distribution points – SCCM 1802 Tech preview adds a feature related to cloud distribution points. You can now set a cloud distribution point as a source for a pull distribution point.
  • Improvements in client peer cache – To reduce WAN utilization, partial download support is added to client peer cache. This means the content is split into parts and delivered.
  • Improvements to PXE-enabled distribution points – You can now configure a PXE-enabled distribution point to use a PXE responder service that supports IPv6 and does not require Windows Deployment Services (WDS).
  • Copy Paste Asset Details – You can now copy paste asset details from monitoring views.
  • Custom tab for webpage in Software Center – You can now create a customized tab to open a webpage in Software Center. Under Software center customization, you will find a new option. Check the box “Specify a custom tab for Software Center”. Specify the tab name and content URL. SCCM Technical Preview 1803 FeaturesThe Blog option appears just below Options. Whatever URL you specify you can see it on the right pane. SCCM Technical Preview 1803 Features

SCCM Technical Preview 1803 Improvements

  • Maintenance windows in Software Center – Software Center now displays the next scheduled maintenance window on the Installation Status tab.
  • Remote Control Fixes – So far I have never used SCCM to remote control computers with more than two monitors. This fix is related to mouse cursor mapping that wasn’t mapping between monitors during remote session. If you are now using multiple monitors at different DPI scaling, the mouse cursor now correctly maps between the monitors.
  • Enable third party software update support on clients – There is a growing demand for third party software patching. With this feature you can now enable configuration of Allow signed updates from an internal Microsoft update service location policy. Also the installation of Windows Software Update Services code signing certificates.

Configuration Manager SCCM Technical Preview 1803 Installation

Now that we have seen the SCCM technical preview 1803 features, we will go ahead and install the update. Note that I will skipping adding some screenshots because you already know the installation process. Since this is a tech preview build, I am installing the update on my lab setup. Let’s start then.

SCCM Technical Preview 1803 Features

Some of the new features are enabled. Click Next.

SCCM Technical Preview 1803 Features

Click Next for the remaining steps and finally on Completion page click Close.

SCCM Technical Preview 1803 Features

The update will be installed in the background. You can visit monitoring section to view the installation progress. Refresh the console once the technical preview update 1803 is installed. Click OK to proceed with console upgrade. The console will be upgraded from 5.1802.1074.1000 to 5.1806.1008.1000.

SCCM Technical Preview 1803 Features

The SCCM Technical Preview 1803 update is installed successfully. If you click the About Configuration Manager, you will see these details.

  • Version – 1803 Technical preview
  • Console version – 5.1806.1008.1000
  • Site version – 5.0.8636.1000

SCCM Technical Preview 1803 Features

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