SCCM Task Sequence Error Code 0X80091007

In a remote site, while imaging a laptop, the SCCM task sequence failed with error code 0X80091007. This task sequence was working fine but this error occurred with no clue. I somehow got the access to the log files.

Checking the log files showed that task sequence failed during installation of Microsoft Office 2013. However I was very sure that the Office 2013 package was not corrupt. So this issue had some other resolution than recreating the package.

Upon some investigation, i found that it failed on two Dell latitude E7470 laptops. These laptops were brand new and had to be imaged before assigning it to employees. The log file revealed the below error.

Failed to run the action: Error in the task sequence.
Task Sequence Error Running: Install Microsoft Office 2013 Professional.
Install Microsoft Office 2013 Professional has failed with the error code (0x80091007).
The hash value is not correct. (Error: 80091007; Source: Windows)
For more information, please contact your system administrator or help-desk operator.

SCCM Task Sequence Error Code 0X80091007

I was not sure what the error code 0X80091007 meant. When i did some research, i found that error code 0X80091007 translates to Hash Mismatch (The hash value is not correct).

Most of all I realized that there is no single solution to this error. If you also come across SCCM Task Sequence Error Code 0X80091007, try the below solutions.

SCCM Task Sequence Error Code 0X80091007

  • If you see the error code 0X80091007, remove the package from distribution point and distribute the package. This is just to be sure that a valid package is available with distribution point.
  • Check if the RAM (memory) is bad or corrupt. This solution seems like the most silliest one. But believe me this swapping the RAM has resolved this issue for many people.
  • Some people got the hash mismatch error resolved by turning off binary differential replication and redistributing the package to DP.

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