SCCM OSD Error 0xc0000017 qlfcoei.sys

SCCM OSD fails with Error 0xc0000017 qlfcoei.sys

Recently one of the user reported SCCM OSD error 0xc0000017. In his hyper-v lab setup, he was testing a deployment. But then he saw that the VM stops with an error 0xc0000017 suggesting that hardware has changed and to reboot and try again. Note that since this happens outside of WinPE therefore there are no logs to refer or troubleshoot this.

During operating system deployment if you come across SCCM error 0xc0000017 qlfcoei.sys, this post will help you. If you run see error 0xc0000017, along with Windows\System32\drivers\qlfcoei.sys, it is usually because the system does not have enough free RAM for the scratch partition required by the Boot Image.

Error Code 0xc0000017= There isn’t enough memory available to create a ramdisk device.

This can be resolved by increasing the physical amount of RAM in the machine/VM. At present the scratch partition requires 500MB+. Ensure your machine has at least 1GB or more RAM before starting. UEFI/Windows 10 better represents this issue by simply reporting the issue as “not enough space to make a RAM disk drive”. Hope this helps.

SCCM Error 0xc0000017 qlfcoei sys