SCCM Software Metering Report is Empty

Prajwal Desai
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After you enable Software Metering in SCCM, you might notice that metering reports are blank or empty. In this post I will show you how to fix the blank reports when you run a Software Metering report for a new rule.

My previous post covers on Software Metering for Microsoft Edge using SCCM. In the same post I also covered the steps to enable Software Metering and create software metering rule for Edge.

SCCM provides a good feature called Software Metering that monitors application usage. Software metering is used to monitor Windows PC desktop apps with a filename ending in .exe.

SCCM Software Metering Report is Empty

In this example, we’re using the built-in report that exists under Monitoring > Reporting > Reports > Software Metering. When I ran this report, it was blank or empty. In the below screenshot you can see that it shows no item in the Month value.

SCCM Software Metering Report is Empty

First of all, you can refer to the following guide to make sure that you don’t forgot any step to configure a Software Metering.

Now, go under Administration > Clients Settings > double click to Default Client Settings to open the Properties.

In Client Policy tab, check the Client policy polling interval. By default it is 60 minutes. That’s the duration for which client contacts the Management Point to update the client policies, including the client settings related to the Software Metering.

Client Policy Interval Settings

Switch to the Software Metering, ensure that the software metering on clients is enabled or set to Yes. In addition to that verify the Schedule data collection.

SCCM Software Metering Report is Empty Snap3

If you have multiple custom Client Settings, you must check the policies applied to a related client device. Under Devices, browse and right click to the machine in question, expand Clients Settings and click Resultant Client Settings.

SCCM Software Metering Report is Empty Snap4

Run Meter Summarization Tool

Using Run Meter Summarization Tool, you can force the Software Metering Summarization. The runmetersumm.exe tool is located under :- C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\tools\ServerTools.

Run Meter Summarization Tool

On the site server, open the Powershell with administrative privileges. Change the current directory to the above one and run the following command:
.\runmetersumm.exe CM_PS1

Note: Replace “CM_PS1” with the name of your site database name.

SCCM Software Metering Report is Empty Snap6

The run meter summarization command may take few minutes to finish.

Finally lets verify the results. Now, if you run the built-in report for Software Metering, you can see the item in the Month and Year cases.

SCCM Software Metering Report is Empty

Furthermore to troubleshoot Software Metering issues, you can refer the following SCCM log files.

Software Metering Log Name Description Computer with log file
mtrmgr.log Monitors all software metering processes Client
SWMTRReportGen.log Generates a use data report that is collected by the metering agent. This data is logged in Mtrmgr.log Client
swmproc.log Records the processing of metering files and settings Site Server
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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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