Configuration Manager 1606 Client Cache Settings

This post is an overview about Configuration Manager 1606 client cache settings. Today I installed Configuration Manager current branch 1606 on my lab setup. I installed it on Windows Server 2016 OS and used SQL 2016 to host the site database. The installation was very smooth and I didn’t face any installation errors. Version 1606 of System Center Configuration Manager brings lot of new features with it. One of the cool features includes ability to configure the client cache for Configuration Manager Clients. This was not available in previous versions of configuration manager. So if one had to change the client cache size, a powershell or VB script was used. In addition you can check this post where I showed how to increase sccm client cache using script.

The SCCM client agent downloads the content for required software once it receives the deployment. However it waits to run it until the deployment scheduled time is reached. At the scheduled time, the Configuration Manager client checks to see whether the content is available in the cache. If content is in the cache and it is the correct version, the client always uses this cached content. Therefore in such cases the “cache size” plays an important role. If the content size of an app or program is more than cache size, the deployment fails.

If you have got Configuration Manager current branch 1606, you can now configure client cache settings with ease. The default location for the client cache is %windir%\ccmcache and the default disk space is 5120 MB.

Configuration Manager 1606 Client Cache Settings Overview

Let’s now look at the ConfigMgr 1606 current branch client cache settings. Launch the configuration manager console. Click Administration > Overview > Client Settings. To change the client cache settings, you could choose a custom settings policy or a default one.

Configure client cache size – This option allows you to configure cache size. If you want to do this, set it to Yes.

Maximum cache size (MB) – With this option you can specify max cache size. By default it is set to 5120 MB, you can enter another desired value.

Maximum cache size (percentage of disk) – Use this option to specify the maximum size of the client cache folder in a percentage of disk size.

Configuration Manager 1606 Client Cache Settings

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  1. Avatar photo Alfredo Montes de Oca says:

    Hi Prajwal, i have SCCM 1706 and y need change the time of life the objects in cache, i.e i have 2 active and 3 tombstoned and i see this items have a time of life. in case the tombstoned the time of life is 24 hours and active 30 days. is posible change this times?

  2. Hi, I have a silly question. If we set the SCCM client cache size to 20 GB, will this space be reserved\Persistent?

  3. Avatar photo Henry E. Wilson says:

    Hello Prajwal
    We have 1606 and I have a question – If we set the default to 10GB and some systems don’t have enough space – what would happen? We have ~150K clients and deploying the script is not an option (yet)

    1. I am not sure about the exact error message that it shows when there is not enough space. Why do you want to set the client cache size to 10 GB ?. I understand you have got lot of clients in your setup but what else do you choose to change cache size if not this script ?.

      1. Avatar photo Henry E. Wilson says:

        our Platform team requested the change as we’re starting to see individual packages > 5 GB – The script method was first mentioned (collection with systems > 15GB free space) then I mentioned this setting is now avail in the console / Administration / Client Settings / Client cache Settings – and just trying to use the power of this new setting – I’ll have them test to see if “badness” occurs when a system does not have that much available.

        Thanks for the quick response though!

        1. That’s correct. With the new versions of Configuration Manager, the client cache size can be managed via client settings.

        2. I never tested how the script behaves when there is not enough space on disk. Added this to my to-do list 🙂

        3. Avatar photo Henry E. Wilson says:

          and as you see, we always verified the systems had enough free space – by collection criteria – So we also don’t know. If the platform team comes back with test results I will post them here.


  4. Avatar photo Marco Stortoni says:

    Hi, I’m using CM 1606 with this policy, but apparently anyone of the clients are taking this configuration. There aren’t others client setting that override this value. Can you suggest something to troubleshot this problem?