How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push

In this post we will see how to install Configuration Manager clients by using client push. After installing the configuration manager in your environment, you would first configure the discovery and boundaries.  The next step would be adding the required site system roles, and once the systems present in your organization are discovered, to manage them using ConfigMgr you will have to install Configuration manager clients to the systems.

Microsoft gives various options to deploy or install configuration manager clients. In this post we will be seeing the steps to install configuration manager clients by using client push method. Microsoft suggests to use the client push installation to install the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager client software on computers that Configuration Manager discovered. You can configure client push installation for a site, and client installation will automatically run on the computers that are discovered within the site’s configured boundaries when those boundaries are configured as a boundary group. You can initiate a client push installation by running the Client Push Installation Wizard for a specific collection or resource within a collection.

Before you start thinking of deploying the configuration manager clients, install a fallback status point site system role. The benefit of installing this role is it helps to track the client installation process. When a fallback status point is installed, it is automatically assigned to clients when they are installed by the client push installation method.

Before we proceed, let me tell you that there are 2 ways of installing configuration manager clients by using client push, the first one is to configure your site to automatically use the client push for discovered computers. The second way is to use the client push installation wizard. We will see both the methods of installing the configuration manger clients.

Automatically use the client push for discovered computers

In this method we will configure client push installation settings. Use this method only if you want the configuration manager clients to get automatically installed on the machine that is discovered. Most of the companies won’t prefer this method as there might be some computers in the organization where configuration manager client is not required.

Launch the configuration manager console, click on Administration, under Site Configuration, click on Sites, in the Sites list, select the site for which you want to configure automatic site-wide client push installation. On the top ribbon click on Client Installation Settings and click on Client Push Installation.

How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push Snap1

On the Client Push Installation Properties windows, click on General tab, check the box Enable automatic site-wide client push installation. Under System types, select Servers and Workstations. If you want the client to be installed on the ConfigMgr site servers then select Configuration Manager site system servers.

Is it okay to install configuration manager client on domain controllers ? – Domain controllers are managed by system administrators and it is not recommended to install the configuration manager client on domain controllers, although there is no harm in installing it on domain controllers.

If you want to install the configuration manager clients on domain controllers the best option that you can choose is Never install the ConfigMgr client on domain controllers unless specified in client push installation wizard. This means you can use the client push installation wizard to install the client on domain controller.

How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push Snap2

Click on Accounts tab, we need to add an user account with which the client installation happens. The account that you add must have the permissions to install the client software, in other words the user account should have the local admin rights in the machine. Click on yellow color icon and click on New Account.

How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push Snap3

In this example i have added a user account named sccmadmin which is a member of domain admins group.

How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push Snap4

You can specify the installation properties during the client installation process. Usage of these switches is completely optional.
Installation Properties

For Configuration Manager SP1 you can specify installation properties for the Windows Installer package (Client.msi) in this tab and the following CCMSetup.exe properties:







Click on Apply and OK.

How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push Snap5

After few minutes when i login to CLIENT2.PRAJWAL.LOCAL machine and look at the process tab in task manager i see ccmsetup.exe running. The configuration manager client is pushed automatically to the machines.

How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push Snap6

Now, we see that both the client machines have got configuration manager client installed.

How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push Snap7

Installing Configuration Manager clients using Client Push Installation Wizard

Installing configuration manager clients using client push installation wizard is very simple and you can use the wizard to install clients even if the site is not configured for client push. Ensure that the client installation settings are configured correctly, specially the accounts.

Click on Assets and Compliance, click on Devices, click on All Systems, right click on one of the computer and click on Install Client (hold Ctrl and select multiple computers if you want to install on more than one computer). In this example we will be installing the client on the domain controller machine, AD.PRAJWAL.LOCAL.

How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push Snap8

On the Install Configuration Manager Client wizard click on Next.

How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push Snap9

If you are pushing the configuration manager client to a domain controller machine click on Allow the client software to be installed on domain controllers. While configuring the client push installation If you have enabled the automatic installation of clients on domain controllers then the first option will not be available. Click on Install the client software from a specified site and click on Next.

How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push Snap10

Click on Close.

How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push Snap11

After few minutes, on my domain controller machine, we see that ccmsetup.exe process is running in the task manager.

How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push Snap12

After few minutes in the console we see that the client has been installed on the domain controller. Thus the client push installation wizard worked perfectly here.

How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push Snap13

You can view the ccmsetup.log file on the domain controller to check the log messages and also to monitor the client installation process.

How To Install Configuration Manager Clients By Using Client Push Snap14

In the coming posts we will see other ways to install configuration manager clients on the machines. I hope you liked this simple post along with screenshots.

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Sarfraz Aslam

Hi Prajwal, i have a query, we are running sccm 1702 in our environment with lot of errors in OS, so we decided to build a new sccm server 1902. My query is how to tell old sccm clients to now connect with the new sccm server 1902. Please share ideas in both ways if my old server 1706 is live and if not available.


Hi. Based on experience, when PC newly joined domain, how long does it takes for the PC to be discovered and SCCM push installation complete?


Hi Prajwal,

I followed client push in to system in another office, but nothing happening. we have VPN between two locations. Any ports to be opened other than below.

No error msg, no deployment.


double check the boundaries group for that remote office..


You may want to check the ccmsetup logs to see if it thinks you are on a metered connection. That will cause deployment to fail.


Hi Prajwal,

When I try to deploy the clicnet package updtaed automatically by cb 1906 update, Strange behaviour I observed.

Client installation failed with the status of “Program failed with unexpected restart” but client version upgraded to 5.00.8853.1020. Can I ignore the error because client version upgraded to latest version or Should I troubleshoot further.

Another twist half of the machines status shows success installation again.


Hello prajwal, in win 7 everything is fine but when I push client in win 10 it’s not working.any workaround ????


Hello Prajwal, We have windows server 2016, before 2 month we installed SCCM client on server. Last Month Patches is installed on server successfully, But still our server searching Patches from internet. Internet is not available on server.
Showing Error is ”
Update Status.
We couldn’t connect to the update service. We’ll try again later, or you can check now. If it still doesn’t work, make sure you’re connected to the Internet.
Please Guide.

Chetan Khanna

Hi Prajwal,

We are using SCCM 1706 in our environment.I have tried to install the client on user machine but in the control panel client certificate is showing none.
Client is not taking the certificate.

Could you please help me what all troubleshooting steps i can follow?


Hi prajwal, We are facing issues in our environment “ software center loading issue” on multiple machines. Due to this we have multiple Win10 Application compatibility testing issues are open. Fixes tried so far: 1.Reboot of the machine – Not resolved 2.Re-installation of sccm client with Bits Priority change – Not resolved 3.Deleting the below registry keys as per MS blogs: – Not resolved HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432node\classes\CLSID\{555B0C3E-41BB-4B8A-A8AE-8A9BEE761BDF} (Default) REG_SZ Configmgr Desired Configuration WMI Provider HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432node\classes\CLSID\{555B0C3E-41BB-4B8A-A8AE-8A9BEE761BDF}\InProcServer32 (Default) REG_SZ C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\CCM\dcmsdk.dll 4. VC++ 2013 uninstalled and tested with lower version– Not resolved 5. User profile Temp folder full access provided – Not resolved. 6. Verified… Read more »

Abhishek Kumar

I was trying to install client by using client push.
In the Client Machine, ccmsetup.log showing the following error –
ERROR = ccmsetup failed with error code 0x80070642
I have refreshed the “CCM_CLIENT” in Default web site in the IIS Server and it worked.
Go to SCCM Server –> IIS Server –> Default Web Site –> CCM_Client
Right click on CCM_CLIENT
Select “Refresh”
Monitor ccmsetup.log in client machine


Hello sir how can slove this problem can advice me ?


if you dont know how to do it just say that, at least respect someone asked you somthing


did i ask something wrong


Hi Prajwal,

I am running Win 2012 R2 with SCCM 2012 R2

Thank you,


Hi Prajwal,

Great fan of your work. Very good explanations.

My issue: Client push installs works only for the servers and some clients

I have attached the ccm.log screenshot.

I have spent the whole day browsing the internet for a solution, with no success.

The error i get for all the PC’s “—> Unable to connect to WMI on remote machine “FN160014”, error = 0x800706ba.

Please help.

Kind regards,


How can define path source/updates/endpoint ? Its self create sharing point or else procedure?


see i send you a attachment cheek there is no endpoint show inside the products now tell me what to do ?


Hello sir i tried to configure endpoint but i can’t found end point in the products can you tell me the reason why its?


I think no updated found i tryed i will send u snapshot


i need answer for my question


you are rejecting my question why


im sorry for that, i apologise, sorry again


you are rejecting my question may i knkow why


thank you


Dear En.Prajwal
i have sent you two days ago question , now i’m sending with attachment pleas i need your recommendation,
i have given to my team Remote tools role sccm2012 R2, i need them also to Install Client .
as showing in the attachment pic when they click right click on the device the only remote option is there i need also Install Client appear (without given full administrator role)


Dear En.Prajwal,

i have my helpdesk team are using sccm2012 r2 ,im the sccm administrator, i have given to them role for Remote Tools Oprator and its working fine, the question here i want my team can Insatll Cleint (puch Client) incloud the remote tool with out give them full administrator<<<>
i want should appear this :
Install Client
i hope you get my point.


its already added by default in the RBA Viewer


its working only with me coz i have full administrator, for my helpdesk team its not working and i cant not give them full administrator right.
the link you sent it to me was helpful but i couldn’t get it coz the picture was not appear.
your recommended please


its my frist time using RBA Viewer , i tried the link guide but the pic was removed i got stuck in the medal so i didn’t get it, please dear your recommendation.


Hi Prajwal, I have a general question on how SCCM behaves when installing the client using the Client Push Installation Wizard. I’ve been pushing the client in my environment by running the installation wizard on a particular collection at a time, because we are not yet ready to install the client across the entire organization. When using this method, there is no way to schedule how the package is deployed. My question is, when using this method, how long will SCCM continue to attempt installing the client? Previously I had assumed that it was automatically deploying as if “Assign immediately… Read more »

Prajwal Desai

It will try once an hour for a week. You can find this info in ccm.log file (Search for text “Retry”). After 7 days if you run the discovery, the process resumes.

Bhaskar B

Hi Prajwal,

Thanks for your post..this very useful me especially…

i have one question..

If we have more than 50 new machines is there …how to install agent all the new machine single click….

Please tell me how..?

Thank you.

Bhaskar B

Prajwal Desai

@Bhaskar – Could you post your question here ? –


Hi prajwal,

We have multiple DPs …how to push client to DPs…?

Prajwal Desai

how to push client to DPs…? – You mean how to push the sccm client agents to the DP’s ?


Thanks Prajwal! This is a very nice post!.
Some to troubleshooting tips could be very usefull and would make this post complete 🙂

Prajwal Desai

@Sheldon – 0x800706ba means the RPC server is unavailable. Did you check the DNS entries for those client computers ?.


Hi Prajwal,

Thanks for your reply.

Aging wad disabled on our DNS server. Most of the records had the wrong IP address in it.

I have enabled Aging/scavenging. Will test this for our clients in a week or so.

Once again thanks a lot for your help.


Prajwal Desai

Okay Sheldon. I will wait for your response.

Arshad Husain

@ Hi Prajwal,
can you provide me the Manual download link of SCCM 2012 R2 Client Agent

Prajwal Desai

Arshad – There might be multiple causes for this. looks like the clients agents are not able to contact MP correctly. Open the log files clientlocation.log and locationservices.log and look for errors. I assume that you have configured the boundaries correctly, do check them once.

Arshad Husain

@ Prajwal
Fine. i open the ticket & attached two log files with details . Kindlly give me the inputs.

Best Regards,

Prajwal Desai

@Arshad – I will reply in sometime..

Arshad Husain

@ Prajwal….
Yesterday i open the ticket with log files, .

Prajwal Desai

@Arshad – you can find the setup files for CM agent in your SCCM installation DVD.

For ex: K:SMSSETUPCLIENT (K is the drive letter)

Arshad Husain

@Prajwal Desai Thanks for Your reply. In fact i having dvd & Mounted to my system . But i tried to do from that only & i knew that not wrong with My CM agent. Actaully on my windows 7 few clinents we can see the agent but if you go to configration manager on compinnets tab ccm notiifcation agent disable & Action tab we can see only Machine policy & user policy. Action done: went all clinets log files & then i manually uninstall & install the agent (By cmd & GUI Method also)but still same status on configration… Read more »


Hi This is Raj . I have installed SCCM 2012 by seeing your site and installed . Success fully i installed . After i see Client Push Installation method . Same thing i did it. After in client machine the CCmsetup coming . installed MS sliver light and in Control panel , configuration manger is Corning but i dont why in SCCM 2012 console not showing Client Activity : “Active”

Prajwal Desai

Check if there are any Management point errors on the Monitoring node (site status)? Any errors in mpcontrol.log?

Is this happening for all the clients ? Are all clients status is shown inactive in SCCM console ?


Thank you for the helpful guides!! They are a great addition to my studies and VM lab. Question: Using the client push wizard, do I configure “Installation Properties”? I.E. /forcereboot, /forceinstall, etc.

From my understanding, when I configured the System Management container the clients get setup information from there.


Thank you for the helpful guides!! They are a great addition to my studies and VM lab. Question: Using the client push wizard, do I setup “Installation Properties”? I.E. /forcereboot, /forceinstall, etc.

My understanding is that if I use the client push wizard, the clients receive information from the System Management container I create in AD to configure specific client settings.


How can you stop the agent from continuously trying to push the client to machine, some machine have been repeatedly trying to get the agent installed


Check the Task Scheduler on the machines that are repeatedly installing
the client. If a client install starts but fails to finish, a task is
scheduled to try again in 5 hours. If you push to that computer again
before that task is able to complete, scheduled task will still be
there. Then this happens, the sccm client will be reinstalled every 5
hours until you get that scheduled task removed.


Hi Prajwal, I guess I know what is going on. I work in a university and most of my users are students (they are not always here on my network). I check the log file Ccm.log file on the SMS site server, located in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs folder. Log file repeatedly shows that SCCM can not find the devices on the network and keeps on trying to push client agent to the next device. So that is why installation takes so long time 🙂 I should not use Site wide client pushing in my environment. It is not… Read more »


Hi Prajwal,
I did manual client push from SCCM console and waited for 10 minutes but still no client on the PC. On the other side, I checked the number of clients with client agent from console and total number is increased from 244 to 248. I might be wrong but I think SCCM is pushing the clients but it does pushing extremely slow. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


I am using site-wide client push installation method to install client agent and I see only 244 out of 1000 computers recieved the client agent so far. It has been almost 4 days since I configured site-wide client push installation. Is this normal? How long should I wait?

Darren Welldon

Great write up. I wonder if you can tell me why I keep getting the following error when trying to push out the client!

—> Unable to get SMS_Client object from WMI on remote machine “PC5”, error = 0x80041010. SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 02/12/2013 14:02:46 5324 (0x14CC)



I have a server named SRV1 with condition is not join domain. I want to install SCEP 2012 client for SRV1.

Can I install CM client agent to SRV1, so able to discovered by SCCM?

How to install SCEP client by using push installation from SCCM for SRV1?



kindly send me the perfact documentation on SCCM 2012 and server 2012, i want to write SCCm exam , kindly need your help on this…

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