SCCM Automatic Client Upgrade Greyed Out

If you notice the automatic client upgrade settings greyed out after SCCM upgrade, not to worry you can fix this issue.

Today I received an email via my contact form & here is the email description – “I have problem with SCCM 1910 Hierarchy settings”. I recently upgraded my current SCCM 1906 version to SCCM 1910. I want to auto upgrade my client agents, but I can’t select box for upgrade in client upgrade tab. Can you help me to resolve this problem ?.

Here is the screenshot and you can see the following options are greyed out under Site Hierarchy Settings > Client Upgrade.

  • Upgrade all clients in the hierarchy using production client.
  • Upgrade all clients in the pre-production collection automatically using pre-production client.
  • Exclude specified clients from upgrade.

SCCM Automatic Client Upgrade Greyed OutTo be honest, I never encounter this issue in my lab setup. So far I have done several upgrades and I always ensure my SCCM clients stay updated to latest version.

However I have seen this issue reported in multiple forums. While configuring the Automatic Client Upgrade the option to upgrade clients is grayed out and rest of other options are also not available.

SCCM Automatic Client Upgrade Greyed Out

If you are dealing with same issue where the Automatic Client Upgrade settings are greyed out on your SCCM primary site, here is the solution.

  • First of all log in to the primary site server with the account that you used to install the primary site server.
  • In the SCCM console, navigate to Administration > Overview > Security > Administrative Users. Right click the user account and click Properties.
  • Under Security Scopes, select All Instances of the objects that are related to the assigned security roles. Click Apply and OK.

SCCM Automatic Client Upgrade Greyed Out

After you perform the above step, go back to Hierarchy Settings Properties > Client Upgrade. Now you can enable or configure the client upgrade options.

I hope this helps.

SCCM Hierarchy Settings

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Hey Desai,
After the upgrading to 1910. i stuck at client upgrade. I was trying to set to automatic client upgrade. when i see Production client is showing 1902’s client version and Promote Pre-Production Client is 1910’s.
can you please help to update production client version to new version.


Hi Mr Prajwal.
Can you help us for this the following logs.

We also tried manual agent installation and sccm console installation methods.
We always encounter the same error.

<![LOG[The MP name retrieved is 'ConfMgrMS.' with version '8853' and capabilities '’]LOG]!>


It figures it’s a permissions issue.


Hi Prajwal,

Even the Security Scopes for All Instances is disabled (Greyed Out). How can we enable that?
Found in some article that it can only be done by the account that installed the SCCM.
Unfortunately the installation user left the org. Any other possibility.


From the SQL Mgmt console, list all the Administrative Users :

select * from RBAC_Admins
Take the AdminID from the Super Admin

In the SCCM console, create a new Administrative Users and run the query again :

select * from RBAC_Admins
Take the AdminSID of the newly created user

In the SCCM console, delete the newly created Administrative Users

Run this query

update RBAC_Admins
set AdmdinSID=Enter_the_AdminSID_HERE,LogonName = ‘Domain\Username’ where AdminID=Enter_the_AdminID_HERE

Issue Fixed

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