How to Export Intune Device Configuration Profiles Easily

In this post, I will show you how to export Intune device configuration profiles to a .csv file. You can export device configuration profiles in Intune to an Excel .CSV file and review each profile.

In Intune, Device profiles allow you to add and configure settings, and then push these settings to devices in your organization.

When you create a device profile in Microsoft Intune, the profile type is usually Administrative Templates, Settings Catalog, Baselines or Templates.

You can create profiles for different devices and different platforms, including iOS/iPadOS, Android device administrator, Android Enterprise, and Windows.

You can then use Intune to apply or assign the profile to the devices. When you have many device configuration profiles in Intune, you can export all of them to a .CSV file. This will help you analyze the device profiles to find out if the profiles are required or can be deleted.

Here are few examples of device configuration profiles created in Intune for Windows devices:

How to Export Intune Device Configuration Profiles

You can export device configuration profiles in Intune from the Microsoft Endpoint Admin center.

Export Intune Device Configuration Profiles
Export Intune Device Configuration Profiles

Shortly a file will be downloaded in your browser that will have a list of exported device profiles. The file name begins with Intune_Device_Configuration_Profiles_Date_Time_Randomnumber.csv.

If you click the Notifications icon in top-right corner of MEM admin center, you see Exporting Profile – Export Completed notification. This indicates the device configuration profiles have been exported successfully.

Export Device Configuration Profiles
Export Device Configuration Profiles

You can now open the exported device configuration profiles .CSV file using Microsoft Excel application. The below screenshot shows the list of all the Device Configuration Profiles exported out of Intune.

When you export device configuration profiles, the following data are exported:

  • Profile Name
  • Platform
  • Profile Type
  • Last Modified Date and Time
  • Scope Tags
Export Intune Device Configuration Profiles
Export Intune Device Configuration Profiles

Note: When you export the configuration profiles, by default, all the profiles existing in Intune are exported. There is no way to export a single configuration profile.

Here is a table that lists all the device configuration profiles that were exported from Intune console. It is easy to analyze each of the profile and find out if the profiles can be deleted or if there are any duplicate settings catalog profiles.

Device Configuration Profile namePlatformProfile typeLast modifiedScope tags
Block Dinosaur Easter Egg GameWindows 10 and laterAdministrative Templates2022-03-26T15:33:26.734ZYes
Configure Interactive Logon Message using IntWindows 10 and laterSettings Catalog2021-11-16T07:59:44.946ZYes
Configure Microsoft Defender SmartScreenWindows 10 and laterSettings Catalog2021-12-20T11:35:24.384ZYes
Configure Power OptionsWindows 10 and laterSettings Catalog2021-12-07T19:40:44.871ZYes
Configure PUA Protection – Microsoft EdgeWindows 10 and laterSettings Catalog2021-11-13T07:38:02.947ZYes
Disable Advertising IDWindows 10 and laterSettings Catalog2021-11-16T11:36:30.530ZYes
Disable Bluetooth AccessWindows 10 and laterSettings Catalog2021-10-11T11:51:09.482ZYes
Disable Cortana AccessWindows 10 and laterSettings Catalog2022-01-04T12:42:12.902ZYes
Disable Internet Explorer 11Windows 10 and laterCustom2021-06-04T11:11:58.573ZYes
Enable Sleeping Tabs for EdgeWindows 10 and laterSettings Catalog2021-10-02T12:33:07.830ZYes
Intune data collection policyWindows 10 and laterWindows health monitoring2021-09-28T19:31:44.277ZYes
Prohibit Access to Control Panel and PC SettingWindows 10 and laterSettings Catalog2021-12-07T17:21:35.157ZYes
Remove News and Interests from TaskbarWindows 10 and laterSettings Catalog2021-08-31T04:54:24.271ZYes
Restrict Access to Task ManagerWindows 10 and laterSettings Catalog2022-05-17T06:26:24.535ZYes
Turn off Windows Mobility CenterWindows 10 and laterSettings Catalog2021-12-15T13:00:32.025ZYes
Upgrade Windows 10 Pro to EnterpriseWindows 10 and laterEdition upgrade and mode2021-09-12T08:48:14.956ZYes
Windows Health Monitoring profileWindows 10 and laterWindows health monitoring2021-10-21T19:00:13.622ZYes


  1. Now do this with an Apple device configuration profile from Intune….oh wait – you can’t.

  2. Avatar photo Raghu Mandyam Chintamani says:

    Is there no way to export all settings in a configuration profile to a csv?

  3. How to export the settings of each policy?

  4. Is there any page for comparing current existing CIS controls with CIS Microsoft Intune for Windows 10 Enterprise Benchmark?

  5. Avatar photo Phil Ready says:

    Hi, That is only exporting the list of profiles, not the settings within the profiles

    1. Avatar photo Raghu Mandyam Chintamani says:

      Yes, need a way to export settings to a csv, just the names are of no use.
      @Prajwal, the screenshot with all settings doesnt work.

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