Easily Add ConfigMgr Reports as Favorites

Starting in Configuration Manager 2103 you can add ConfigMgr reports as favorites. When you add reports as favorites in ConfigMgr, you can find all of the reports under Favorites folder. Let’s explore more about this cool feature.

The preview feature to add reports as favorites was first introduced in Configuration Manager technical preview 2102. Finally in SCCM 2013, the feature to add reports as favorites was added.

Configuration Manager comes with several hundred reports installed by default. In addition you may import more custom reports to that list. Out of huge list of reports, you may have some reports that you use on daily basis. Starting in MEMCM 2103, you can add a report as favorite. This action allows you to quickly access it from the new Favorites node. One thing that you need to understand here is the list of favorites is per user, not per site or hierarchy.

Prerequisites to Add Reports as Favorites in ConfigMgr

Before you mark any of your ConfigMgr reports as favorite, ensure the following prerequisites are met. To add ConfigMgr Reports as Favorites following are the prerequisites.

How to Add ConfigMgr Reports as Favorites

The steps to add ConfigMgr reports as favorites are as follows.

  • In the ConfigMgr console, go to the Monitoring workspace.
  • Expand Overview > Reporting and select Reports.
  • Select a report that you frequently use. Right click the report and select Add to Favorites.
  • The report’s icon changes to a yellow star, which indicates that it’s a favorite.
Add ConfigMgr Reports as Favorites
Add ConfigMgr Reports as Favorites

You also get a confirmation message that report has been added to favorites.

Add ConfigMgr Reports as Favorites
Add ConfigMgr Reports as Favorites

To view all your favorite reports, go to Reporting > Favorites > Reports. In the right pane all your favorite ConfigMgr reports should be displayed. You can select more than one report to add them all as favorites.

ConfigMgr Favorite Reports
ConfigMgr Favorite Reports

Access your Favorite ConfigMgr Reports via Browser

I am impressed with this little feature where you can access all your favorite reports via the browser. You can directly connect to your favorite reports in your browser. For example, https://servername/Reports/favorites.

Access your Favorite ConfigMgr Reports via Browser
Access your Favorite ConfigMgr Reports via Browser

Remove ConfigMgr Reports from Favorites

Finally before I conclude this post I will show you how to remove reports from favorites. All your ConfigMgr Favorite reports will appear under Monitoring\Overview\Reporting\Favorites\Reports.

To remove any report from favorites, right click the report and click remove from favorites. You see a confirmation box stating you are removing report from favorites. This action does not delete the report. Are you sure ?. Click Yes to remove the report from favorites.

Remove Reports from Favorites
Remove Reports from Favorites


  1. Avatar photo Gene Gonder says:

    Hello, Praj. I have the same issue as Ronan.

    My systems:
    Windows Server 2019 Standard
    Version 1809
    OS Build: 17763.4131
    MECM Version 2203
    Console version: 5.2203.1063.1500
    Site version: 5.0.9078.1000
    Report Builder: 15.0.19914.0
    Microsoft SQL Server Management studio 2018

    Any idea? I have browsed in dozens of forums and read articles and haven’t found any solution yet.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Avatar photo stephane57 says:

    Hello Prajwal, first of all thank you for your wonderful and helpful blog.
    I have the last version 2103 with SQL 2017 and unfortunately I have “Add to favorites” grey out. Unable to manage favorites for reports as full administrator. Do you have an idea ?

    1. Avatar photo Ronan Fahy says:

      Same problem – greyed out. Anyone found a fix yet?

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