Troubleshooting Adobe FrameMaker Failed Deployments

Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai

In one of my post, I showed the steps to package and deploy Adobe FrameMaker using SCCM. While deploying Adobe FrameMaker I came across an issue where the deployments weren’t successful. This was bit strange because I had tested the deployment prior to making it available for users. In this post I will cover the issue which I faced during FrameMaker deployment and resolution as well.

Adobe FrameMaker is a document processor for writing large complex documents. This also includes structured documents. FrameMaker also supports XML, Non-XML, DITA support and more. FrameMaker is commonly used by technical SME’s when writing large technical documents.

Note that this post can be used as a reference to troubleshoot Adobe FrameMaker failed deployments. However I cannot guarantee that steps mentioned in this post applies for every issue related to FrameMaker. I mean you can get a basic idea of how to troubleshoot the issues when you see a failed deployment.

Troubleshooting Adobe FrameMaker Failed Deployments

As mentioned above, I packaged Adobe FrameMaker and made it available in Software Center. Users started reporting that it’s failing to install and they see an error in Software Center. When i attempted to install the software manually from the cache folder, it initiated the install.

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Troubleshooting Adobe FrameMaker Failed Deployments

But ended up with error “Installation Failed. Please refer to PDApp.log for more information”.

Troubleshooting Adobe FrameMaker Failed DeploymentsWhen i opened the PDApp.log file, I could find repeated errors and warnings.

Failed in getting value for key in OPMGetValueForKey domain:OOBE subDomain:ProxyCredentials key:ProxyUsername
Failed to get proxy user name from local db in getProxyCredentialsFromLocalStore
13492 Failed get proxy credentials from local store while creating IMSLib Ex instance
Failed in fetching default user id for the service, while processing fetchDefaultUserGUIDForClientID
Failed to get default user for clientId in fetchDefaultUserInfoForClientId...

My initial assumption was that PDApp.log file could point me to some error code. The errors and warnings made no sense to me and I had to contact the Adobe support for further troubleshooting. The first thing that support asked me was to collect all the FrameMaker install log files using log collector tool. The log collector tool when run, collected all the log files, zipped it and the same was sent to Adobe support. That was enough to understand that those log files were important and I can get some hints from them.

I opened the log files and in one of the log file i found the error.

Error DW046: Following Conflicting processes were running - block:OUTLOOK.EXE
0 fatal error(s), 1 error(s) 
Win OS version: 64 bit Type: 1
ERROR: DW046: Following Conflicting processes were running - block:OUTLOOK.EXE

Troubleshooting Adobe FrameMaker Failed DeploymentsMeanwhile Adobe support also responded saying that it was Outlook that was blocking the installation of FrameMaker. This was the reason why FrameMaker installation was interrupted. When the user closed the Outlook and installed FrameMaker, the installation worked fine.

Tip – Finding that error code is pretty important here. Adobe has a dedicated page that lists all the Installation error codes and solutions. In your case if the error code is something else, visit that page and look for the error code.

On the same page if you look for error DW046, it clearly mentions “Conflicting processes are running. Close the conflicting process and proceed“.

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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