SCCM 1802 Software Center – Install Multiple Applications

SCCM 1802 comes with lot of new features. I agree there were lot of hotfixes released for version 1802, however configuration manager 1802 still rocks. One of the interesting feature is regarding the SCCM 1802 software center. With SCCM 1802, you can now install multiple applications in software center. In the earlier version of SCCM, this feature was not present. If you have not upgraded to 1802, check this SCCM 1802 upgrade guide. For new installation of SCCM 1802, check this SCCM 1802 install guide.

So in what situations do you install multiple applications in software center ?. In most organizations, the IT guys image a laptop and hand it over to new employees. The task sequence installs basic softwares that are used by many users. In addition a user might need to install more applications required for his/her work. If those apps are available in software center, the users can install it by themselves. With SCCM 1802, the users can install multiple applications by selecting those apps and clicking install selected. This is way easier and efficient than installing app one at a time.

SCCM 1802 Software Center – Install Multiple Applications

Let’s look at this feature of SCCM 1802 software center where you can install multiple applications at once. I assume you have some applications packaged and are available in software center for installation. Launch the software center and click on Applications. By default the apps are displayed in tile view. In tile view you cannot select multiple applications.

SCCM 1802 Software Center - Install Multiple ApplicationsFollow the below steps before you install multiple applications.

  1. Select multi-select mode. To enter multi-select mode, click the multi-select icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose the applications that you need to install.
  3. Click Install Selected button to begin installation of applications.

SCCM 1802 Software Center - Install Multiple Applications

The applications are installed one after the other. The installations can be monitored by opening appenforce.log file on the client computer. Once the apps are installed, the check-boxes are greyed out. Even though the applications have got the uninstall commands, you cannot check the box to uninstall applications. To uninstall the applications from software center, you need to switch to either list view or tile view.

SCCM 1802 Software Center - Install Multiple Applications

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  1. Yes all of them would be installed but the problem is the sequence is all over the place. As far as I know you can’t put them in order to follow the sequence, do you know of any way?

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