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SCCM Update Reset Tool – CMUpdateReset.EXE Tool

CMUpdateReset tool helps you when your SCCM update has download problems. This SCCM update reset tool is also known as CMUpdateReset.exe tool. When the SCCM update is stuck in downloading or replicating state tool to reset Configuration Manager update.

I usually get lot of questions from people when it comes to installing the ConfigMgr current branch updates. Especially when SCCM 1810 update was released, most people reported that SCCM update download was stuck.

A typical suggestion that you might see in forums is to restart the SMS_EXECUTIVE service. However for most of them that doesn’t work.

When you open dmpdownloader.log you might see this following lines of code.

ERROR: Failed to download redist for 454b3508-4387-4106-9441-283495dec3ec with command /RedistUrl
ERROR: Failed to download required file

So let’s understand what is this CM update reset tool for SCCM and how to use CMUpdateReset Tool to fix the Configuration Manager update download issues.

What is SCCM Update Reset Tool / CMUpdateReset Tool ?

Starting with SCCM 1706, Microsoft included CM update reset tool for both CAS and primary sites. This tool can should help you fix issues when in-console updates have problems downloading or replicating.

Location of CM Update Reset Tool

The CMUpdateReset.exe is a command line tool. The CM Update Reset tool is found in the \cd.latest\SMSSETUP\TOOLS folder of the site server.

SCCM Update Reset Tool Snap1

When to use CM Update Reset Tool ?

First of all you must know when to use the reset tool. You must use this tool when an in-console update has not yet installed and is in a failed state.

What is a failed state – A failed state means that the update download is in progress but stuck or taking an excessively long time. At this stage when you right click an update, you see all the options greyed out.

Prior to using this tool, try restarting the SMS executive service. But if that doesn’t help and you still see the SCCM update stuck at downloading state, use the CMUpdateReset.

The update reset tool runs against the update that you specify. Another important point is the tool does not delete successfully installed or downloaded updates.

CMUpdateReset Tool Prerequisites

The CM update reset tool requires the account to have following permissions to run properly :-

  • The account must have read and write permissions to the site database – CAS and each primary site in your hierarchy. This tool doesn’t apply for secondary sites.
  • To set these permissions, you can add the user account as a member of the db_datawriter and db_datareader fixed database roles on the SCCM database of each site.
  • Local Administrator on the top-level site of your hierarchy.
  • Local Administrator on the computer that hosts the service connection point.
  • You must run this tool on top-level site of the hierarchy.

How to use SCCM Update Reset Tool

Now that you know about Configuration Manager update reset tool, you must know how to use SCCM update reset tool. Using SCCM update reset tool, you can either reset an update that has download problems or force delete the problematic SCCM update package.

Let me present two scenarios that will help you decide which command to run.

Scenario 1 – You notice that update is stuck in downloading state. So the easiest way to reset an update in this situation is to use below command. P is the package GUID.

CMUpdateReset.exe -S SQLServerFQDN -D CM_SiteCode -P 706e6a13-d541-4f7e-bf82-3b14efaed35f

Scenario 2 – You run the command mentioned in Scenario 1 and yet you see the issue still remains. The below command force deletes the problematic update package. P is the package GUID.

CMUpdateReset.exe -FDELETE -S SQLServerFQDN -D CM_SiteCode -P 706e6a13-d541-4f7e-bf82-3b14efaed35f

Note – If the update package is in a post download state, the tool does not clean up the package.

How to Fix SCCM Updates Stuck in Downloading State

I noticed the SCCM update was stuck at downloading state while I was installing Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1905.

SCCM Update Reset Tool

I checked the EasySetupPayload folder and noticed cab file of size 438MB. In the other folder i didn’t see any files.

After waiting for more than 30 minutes, the console still showed the update status as Downloading.

SCCM Update Reset Tool

So I decided to run the CMUpdateReset tool. I just wanted to reset the update, so i ran the below command.

CMUpdateReset.exe -S SQLServerFQDN -D CM_SiteCode -P 706e6a13-d541-4f7e-bf82-3b14efaed35f

how to use CMUpdateReset Tool

The update disappeared from the console. Now i restarted the SMS exec service. When I checked for the updates, I did see the update was again available in console showing Available for Download. This time the update downloaded successfully.

SCCM Update Reset Tool Snap5

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  1. This is great for server admins but what to do at a client pc level? Even the Level 2 desk is not allowed to manipulate update servers, but that’s where the majority of users notice they’re updates aren’t happening.

  2. @Prajwal

    I have 1806 installed and we in the progress of getting ready to upgrade to 1910, however when I look at my Updates and servicing 1806’s state is stuck on “Checking Prerequisites”. I’m then unable to run any other updates as the options are all greyed out.

    I tried looking for the reference GUID in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\EasySetupPayload but it’s not in there. The other CM updates are in there with the addtion of one folder which doesn’t match up to any other GUID in CM. I tried running the CMUpdateReset tool on that one and it gave me the error that is was in a post-repliacation state and to call CSS to resolve.

    Any ideas?

    1. Please verify if the ID you are using to initiate the update has access to shared path \\….\EasySetupPayload.

  3. When I try to run the tool our server can’t run it because it’s an unsupported 16bit application. Any way around this?

  4. Hi, I have the in console upgrade to 1910 stuck in the downloading state, I have tried the reset tool (both standard reset and -FDELETE and each time it retries it remains in downloading state. I think I’ve tried absolutely everything I can to get this to download, any suggestions very welcome. Thank you.

    1. Hi, i am facing the similar issue getting the latest 1910 update, tried both standard and FDELETE still stuck at downloading and dmpdownloader.log has the below error:

      ERROR: Failed to download redist for e2f7b2f9-4828-4650-9144-5dc7956781b7 with command /RedistUrl /LnManifestUrl /RedistVersion 201910 /NoUI “\\SERVERNAME\EasySetupPayload\e2f7b2f9-4828-4650-9144-5dc7956781b7\redist” .

      However i see that EasySetupPayload (3.45GB) has got a file and extracted folder e2f7b2f9-4828-4650-9144-5dc7956781b7

      i have tried restart the server, restarting the SMS_EXECUTIVE service and also check for updates option. Any suggestions?

      Regards, Abhi

  5. Getting below Error during updatereset command

    The connection was successfully established but a error occured during login process.
    SSL Provider : The target prinicipal name is incorrect.

    Kindly Suggest

  6. I was updating from 1702 to 1810 and my install was stuck due to unable to update the MOF file. I looked for this tool and it was not on the server. Where do I get this tool from then?

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