Fix Unmatched exit code 1619 SCCM Application Install Error

Prajwal Desai
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SCCM Application Install Error - Unmatched exit code 1619

In this post, I will show you how to resolve SCCM application install error – Unmatched exit code 1619. This error mostly appears when you attempt to deploy applications using SCCM to the endpoints.

SCCM (Configuration Manager) is a useful tool for packaging and deploying apps throughout your estate when it comes to application deployment. However, the application deployment might occasionally go wrong, in which case more investigation is necessary to identify the root of the problem.

I’ll be deploying the 7zip application with SCCM as an example to imitate this issue. It might be another application in your situation as well.

SCCM Application Install Error – Unmatched exit code 1619

So, I download and package the 7zip application in SCCM. When you go to 7zip download page, you can download either a .msi installer or an executable (.exe).

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Let’s assume that when you deploy an application, the application installs fails. The software center shows error 0×653(1619). You cannot know the actual cause for this failure unless you examine the SCCM log files on the client computer.

SCCM Application Install Error - Unmatched exit code 1619
SCCM Application Install Error – Unmatched exit code 1619

On the client computer, if you examine the AppEnforce.log file, you will find the exact error. We see the error Unmatched exit code (1619) is considered an execution failure in the appenforce.log file.

Found executable file msiexec with complete path C:\Windows\system32\msiexec.exe	AppEnforce 6408 (0x1908)
    Prepared command line: "C:\Windows\system32\msiexec.exe" /i ”7z1900-x64.msi” /q /qn	AppEnforce	6408 (0x1908)
    Executing Command line: "C:\Windows\system32\msiexec.exe" /i ”7z1900-x64.msi” /q /qn with user context	AppEnforce	6408 (0x1908)
    Working directory C:\Windows\ccmcache\3	AppEnforce	6408 (0x1908)
    Post install behavior is BasedOnExitCode	AppEnforce	6408 (0x1908)
    Waiting for process 4256 to finish.  Timeout = 120 minutes.	AppEnforce	6408 (0x1908)
    Process 4256 terminated with exitcode: 1619	AppEnforce 6408 (0x1908)
    Looking for exit code 1619 in exit codes table...	AppEnforce	6408 (0x1908)
    Unmatched exit code (1619) is considered an execution failure.	AppEnforce 6408 (0x1908)
++++++ App enforcement completed (0 seconds) for App DT "7-Zip 19.00 (x64 edition) - Windows Installer (*.msi file)" [ScopeId_BD9C0939-01F6-4C99-ABD7-1E6DD2E41AD6/DeploymentType_21d8474a-881e-44c5-8d56-69035aa69382], Revision: 1, User SID: ] ++++++	AppEnforce

SCCM Exit Code 1619 translates to this installation package could not be opened. Verify that the SCCM package exists and that you can access it. Or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package.

In my case, I was confident that the 7zip installer that I downloaded was correct and there was no question of the installer being corrupt. The error was with the setup command and precisely the quotes that were used in the installation command.

Why do you encounter Unmatched exit code 1619?

There could be three reasons why you get the Unmatched exit code (1619).

  1. We occasionally replicate the installation command from a blog post or forum thread. Most of the time, we overlook correcting the quote marks. The screenshot that follows shows the same problem. Since the setup file’s quotation marks are incorrect, SCCM cannot install the application, resulting in unmatched exit code 1619 error.
  2. The reference to the .msi file in the command line of the policy is incorrectly referenced. Make sure the .msi reference is valid.
  3. Unmatched exit code 1619 is usually seen when the application installer is invalid or corrupt. In such cases, you must download the installer again and package it. Try manually installing the same application on a computer to verify if the installer is valid.
SCCM Application Install Error - Unmatched exit code 1619
SCCM Application Install Error – Unmatched exit code 1619

I hope the solutions provided in this article helped you to resolve the Unmatched exit code 1619 error. In case you find this article helpful, feel free to share it on social platforms. For more help on other SCCM and Intune, visit the community forums.

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Prajwal Desai
Posted by Prajwal Desai
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