Fix SCCM AD Discovery method fails with error code 11001

This post helps you when your SCCM AD discovery method fails with error code 11001. After installing configuration manager in your setup, the next step is to gather the information about resources. SCCM allows you to do that via discovery methods. There are 6 discovery methods to discover the resources in your organization. We have already seen about configuring discovery methods in SCCM 2012 R2. One of the most important discovery method is active directory system discovery. This method discovers the computers in your organization from specified locations in Active Directory Domain Services. Related to this we will look at a issue where the discovery fails with error code 11001.

SCCM AD Discovery method fails with error code 11001Note that not everyone faces this issue if your DNS and AD are working correctly. One of the user mentioned that he was unable to discover machines in SCCM 2016 through AD system discovery. Looking at the adsysdis.log file, there were errors related to machine discovery.

GetIPAddr – Host not found resolving FQDN “computername”.
GetIPAddr – Retry with system name “computername”.
ERROR: GetIPAddr – GetAddrInfoW() for “computername” failed with error code 11001.
ERROR: Machine “computername” is offline or invalid.

SCCM AD Discovery method fails with error code 11001

Log file details reveals that there are errors during discovery. Due to which the discovery fails with the error code 11001. Therefore the SCCM can’t find information about the computer object that it needs to import from Active Directory. Hence you could try the below steps to fix this issue :-

  • Verify an A-record exist in the DNS for the computer that is not getting discovered.
  • Along with A record, verify that a PTR-record also exists in the DNS.
  • Ping the computer from SCCM server so that we know it’s reachable/online.
  • Run Nslookup on both sides to troubleshoot DNS issues.
  • Ensure there are no duplicates of A or PTR records in the DNS.
  • Run the system discovery method once again.
  • Review adsysdis.log to see if computer was imported successfully.

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  1. I have 4 devices that come up with the above error. They all have valid DNS entries but are IPv6. Is this my problem??

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