New SCCM 1906 Hotfix Rollup KB4517869

There is a new SCCM 1906 hotfix rollup KB4517869 and it replaces the previous updates – KB4515740 and KB4516430. This update applies both to customers who opted in through a PowerShell script and customers who installed the globally available release.

Configuration Manager 1906 Hotfix Rollup KB4517869
Configuration Manager 1906 Hotfix Rollup KB4517869

Hotfix Rollup KB4517869

The hotfix rollup KB4517869 replaces the following previously released updates :-

  • KB4515740 – Custom security roles lose folder permissions after an update to SCCM 1906.
  • KB4516430 – Update for Configuration Manager version 1906, early update ring.

If you have not installed the above updates, you can install KB4517869 for SCCM 1906. First of all install this update on a primary site. After you do that, the pre-existing secondary sites must be manually updated.

Configuration Manager 1906 Hotfix Rollup KB4517869

KB4517869 includes the following fixes.

  • The Configuration Manager console may terminate unexpectedly after reevaluating Management Insight rules or synchronizing third party updates.
  • The Task Sequence Editor may return an Out of Memory error when trying to save large task sequences.
  • Alternate Content Provider settings not defined as expected in the policy for custom client settings. Affected customers should remove the original custom client settings then recreate them after installing this update.
  • Special characters, such as an apostrophe, in metadata cause the evaluation of application groups to fail. The SettingsAgent.log contains entries similar to the following.
  • Windows Server 2019 displays as Unknown in the Microsoft Defender Advanced Thread Protection dashboard.
  • Group membership data gets removed if the Active Directory group discovery process fails with the following error recorded in the adgdis.log
INFO: Processing search path: 'LDAP://<search path>.
ERROR: Decryption failed
ERROR: Failed to enumerate directory objects in AD container LDAP://<search path
  • The group membership data restores after the discovery process runs successfully.
  • A management point is unable to connect to a read-only replica in environments using SQL Server Always On availability groups.

Install SCCM 1906 Hotfix Rollup KB4517869

To install SCCM 1906 Hotfix Rollup KB4517869

  • Launch Configuration Manager console. Go to Updates and Servicing node.
  • Right click Configuration Manager 1906 Hotfix Rollup KB4517869 and click Install Update Pack.
Install SCCM Hotfix Rollup KB4517869

The hotfix includes updates for site server, console and client agent. Since I am installing this on my lab setup, I am ignoring the prerequisite check warnings. Click Next.

Configuration Manager updates wizard

Choose the client update setting and click Next.

Hotfix KB4517869

On the Completion page, click Close.

Hotfix KB4517869

Finally we must install the new version of console. Click OK to update the console from version 5.1906.1096.1600 to 5.1906.1096.2000.

Install SCCM Hotfix Rollup KB4517869


  1. We installed the update and still lost permissions for custom security roles. Anybody have a fix?

  2. Hi Prajwal,i just installed SCCM 1906 Hotfix Rollup KB4517869.
    After successfully installing, now users are unable to see apps in software center. Apps(available deployment)that are deployed to All users collection. But apps deployed to machine collection is fine.
    Any idea if the upgrade caused this?
    And any advise what i can check to find out what is causing this?

  3. are you all right? I have problems downloading kb4517869, do not download and also give me no errors, I verified that you have a solution of [], correcting by DB, can you pass me please?

  4. Avatar photo Matt Janssen says:

    This hotfix rollup will not download. When I go to Updates and Servicing, it shows up and has a status of “Available to download”. It never changes. I had successfully updated from 1902 to 1906 3 days ago. The subsequent check pulled in the hotfix, but it will not download. If I click on “Download” (all other options are grayed out), it says either Checking for updates or Still checking for updates. I tried the reset tool and the update disappeared, came back on next check, but no change in status – still won’t download. I let it sit for a day and a half to see if things would change… nope.

    1. Avatar photo Patrick Sporny says:

      We are experiencing the same issue. Upgraded from 1902 to 1906 this weekend, but when we wanted to apply the Hotfix it never downloaded. Also tried the reset tool, tried removing the DB object and restart SMS_EXECUTE, still nothing.

      Watching the log, it seems that it doesn’t find anything to download to the EasySetup… as if it doesn’t find anything.

      I’d appreciate getting any help proceeding with this.

    2. Same issue and did the same things as Patrick Sporny wrote

    3. Were you able to figure it out?

      1. Avatar photo Mike Niles says:

        Here’s the workaround, courtesy of “TheOriginalWitness” on Reddit:

        Open SQL Mgmt Studio and run below
        EXEC spAddPackageToDownload ‘PACKAGEGUIDHERE’ (You can get this from the Updates and Service Node > Package Guid Column
        Restart smsexec and watch DMPDownloader.log for progress.

  5. Avatar photo Ravi Jayaraman says:

    [Failed]:Checks if the specified SQL Server meets the minimum requirements for site upgrade.
    SCCM1906 done.HotfiX getting error KB4517869…PLeASe helP

    1. Avatar photo Ravi Jayaraman says:

      Issue resolved;
      — Enable the SQL Broker on the Site database

      USE master;

      — SET the Site Database as trustworthy

      USE master;

      — SET the Database to honor the HONOR_BROKER_PRIORITY

      USE master;

    2. Avatar photo Veeresh S says:

      After installing hotfix KB4517869, I am getting “insufficient permissions for software installation in software center, users are able to install any softwares and windows updates. please help me

      1. read it as : users are not able to install any softwares and windows updates. please help me

  6. Thanks for the great guide, just finished my update!

  7. Hi sir,
    we started the update for hotfix 1906 kb4517869.
    download completed
    replication ”
    prerequisite check ”
    Installation in progress

    next box
    process update package completed
    download update package cab file – not started
    extract – not started etc.

    I do not see anything like an error in dmpdownloader.log

    Thanks, Kchusa

  8. Hi I have prereq failed …. there is no error in cmupdate.log.
    in update is this

    [Failed]:Checks if the specified SQL Server meets the minimum requirements for site upgrade.

  9. Hello Prajwal, I can’t update, the error in the installation is “[Failed]:Unloading WMI provider. Check cmupdate.log for details.”

      1. Hello, I have the same problem. Im trying to update from 1906 to 1910 or 2002 but both updates fail on Unload WMI provider. The cmupdate.log says “Failed to unload WMI providers. (0x80041010)”. What can I do next ?

  10. Hi Prajwal, we’re seeing a “SQL availability group configured for manual failover (Checking failover state of availability group replicas)” error when we try to run prerequisite check for this Hotfix. Have you seen tis before?

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