SCCM 1902 New Management Insights Rules

The SCCM 1902 brings with it some great set of features and one of them is new management insights rules. These new insights are related to Collections and let’s see what are these new rules.

The Management Insights feature in SCCM isn’t something new. I had published a post on SCCM 1802 management insights here. In another post I also covered on management insights for proactive maintenance.

Since then Microsoft has been adding lot’s of new rules in technical preview builds and current branch builds. Using the management insights in SCCM you can quickly get the information about current state of your environment.

Before you read further, ensure that you are running SCCM 1902 in your setup. I recommend you to upgrade to SCCM 1902 because it comes with lots of new features and improvements. If you haven’t upgraded your SCCM to version 1902, check this SCCM 1902 upgrade guide.

In addition to that above points, SCCM 1902 is also a baseline version. So this means you can download it and install it by using this SCCM 1902 baseline install guide.

SCCM 1902 New Management Insight Rules

As I mentioned before, there are new management insight rules under Collections group in SCCM 1902. If you remember in SCCM 1802, we already had the Collections group under All Insights. However there was just one rule called “Empty Collections“.

In SCCM 1902, we see multiple rules with recommendations on managing collections. So if you are like me who uses the management insights often, this should excite you.

SCCM 1902 New Management Insights Rules

Here is a table that lists all the new management insights rules for collections group in SCCM 1902.

Rule Name Description
Collections with no query rules and enabled for any schedule Lists the collections that have no query rules and are enabled for any schedule.
Collections with no query rules and incremental updates enabled Lists the collections that have no query rules + have the incremental updates enabled.
Collections with no query rules and no direct members Lists the collections that have no members or query rules.
Collections with no query rules and schedule full evaluation selected Lists the collections that have no query rules + schedule full evaluation selected
Collections with query time over 5 minutes The collections that have a query with execution time of over 5 minutes.
Collections with same re-evaluation start time It lists the collections in your setup that have same re-evaluation time.


There is another new rule under Simplified Management group called Update clients to a supported Windows 10 version. This new SCCM 1902 management insights rule reports on clients that are running a version of Windows 10 that’s no longer supported. It also includes clients with a Windows 10 version that’s near end of service (three months).

SCCM 1902 New Management Insights Rules Snap2

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