SCCM 1902 Hotfix KB4500571 [Includes Hotfix KB4500232]

If you are currently running SCCM 1902 in your setup, you should see a new hotfix KB4500571 in Updates and Servicing node. This KB4500571 rollup applies to both customers who opted in SCCM 1902 via early update ring and customers who installed the globally available release.

Prior to this update, for SCCM 1902 fast ring customers, we had another hotfix KB4500232. This hotfix addressed an issue where the SCCM Management points do not reinstall in Configuration Manager. If you had skipped installing the hotfix KB4500232 previously, don’t worry, this hotfix is now part of hotfix KB4500571.

As mentioned earlier the hotfix KB4500571 applies to every customer running SCCM 1902. The hotfix rollup brings in multiple fixes to the current version of SCCM. The complete information about the hotfix is documented here. Most of all let me tell you that the hotfix KB4500571 install won’t require a restart.

Furthermore after you install this update on a primary site, you must manually install this update in your secondary sites.

Issues fixed in Hotfix Rollup KB4500571

First of all I will list out some important fixes included in hotfix KB4500571.

  • The Download Package Content task sequence action fails and the OsdDownload.exe process terminates unexpectedly.
  • Screenshots submitted through the Send a Smile or Send a Frown product feedback options cannot be deleted until the SCCM console is closed.
  • Fixed Hardware inventory data that relies on the MSFT_PhysicalDisk class reports incomplete information on computers that have multiple drives.
  • Addresses an issue where client installation fails on workgroup computers in an HTTPS-only environment.
  • A “success” return code of 0 is incorrectly reported as an error condition when you monitor deployment status in the SCCM 1902 console.
  • When the option to show a dialog window is selected for app deployments that require a computer restart, that window is not displayed again if it is closed before the restart deadline. Instead, a temporary (toast) notification is displayed. This can cause unexpected computer restarts.
  • Fixes expired enhanced HTTPS certificates updating issue.

Install SCCM 1902 Hotfix KB4500571

To install SCCM 1902 Hotfix Rollup KB4500571

  • Launch the SCCM console.
  • Go to Administration > Overview > Updates and Servicing node
  • Right click Configuration Manager 1902 Hotfix Rollup KB4500571 and click Install Update Pack.

SCCM 1902 Hotfix KB4500571The Configuration Manager 1902 hotfix rollup KB4500571 includes

  • Configuration Manager site server and console updates.
  • Configuration Manager client updates.

I will ignore the prerequisite check warnings here and click Next.

SCCM 1902 Hotfix KB4500571

Select the Client Update setting and click Next.

SCCM 1902 Hotfix KB4500571

Finally on the Completion page, click Close.

SCCM 1902 Hotfix KB4500571

Hotfix KB4500571 – SCCM Console Upgrade

The Hotfix KB4500571 contains the updates for SCCM console. Refresh the SCCM console. You get a console upgrade notification box.

The console version 5.1902.1085.1700 will be upgraded to 5.1902.1085.2600. Click OK to begin the console upgrade.

SCCM console Upgrade

Let’s confirm the console version after the upgrade. Check About System Center Configuration Manager.

Version – 1902. Console Version – 5.1902.1085.2600. Site Version – 5.0.8790.1000.

SCCM 1902 console versionSCCM 1902 Client Agent Upgrade

Yes the hotfix KB4500571 also contains the updates for SCCM 1902 clients. You must always ensure you have the latest version of client agents running in your setup.

Therefore to upgrade the client agents, you can use Client Upgrade feature located under Hierarchy settings. In addition to that check the box Upgrade all the clients in the hierarchy using production client. Choose the number of days to upgrade client and click OK.

SCCM client upgradeJust a note here before you install the hotfix KB4500571, the client agent version is 5.00.8790.1007. After installing the hotfix the client agent version should be 5.00.8790.1025.


  1. Avatar photo Sumant Suthar says:

    The prerequisite check stuck on Update Content library. its not finish the check & won’t me allow to install as well. Even its not giving me any error. Can you please help me to solve this?

  2. Avatar photo Manuel Medrano says:

    I’m trying to update and I get the following error SCCM 1902 to SCCM 1902 Hotfix KB4500571 [Failed]:Updating RCM registry. Check cmupdate.log for details.

    Failed to execute sql update script to update database.
    Failed to execute sql update script. (0x87d20b15)
    Failed to apply update changes 0x87d20b15
    Error information persisted in the database.

    1. Avatar photo Nitin Kumar says:

      Hi Manuel, Did you find any solution for your issue.

    2. Avatar photo Sylwester says:

      Hi, do you have solution for this one? I have the same. Thx

  3. Hello, my reports became very slow. They work when run against small collections but timeouts against big ones.
    Any idea where to look ?

    1. I am not sure how are you running the reports. My advice is not to browse reports within the console but directly from the report website. The search feature when using the web is also much faster.

  4. Avatar photo Ritu Anand says:

    My clients are not getting upgraded to 5.00.8790.1025, they are all on 5.00.8790.1007. Anyone seen this issue.

      1. Avatar photo Ritu Anand says:

        Using the client upgrade feature under the Hierarchy settings. that’s how I have always done.

      2. Avatar photo Ritu Anand says:

        Join the discussion…I am updating the clients from Client Upgrade feature located under Hierarchy settings. always used that feature to upgrade the clients.

  5. After the upgrade, in the “About System Center Configuration Manager”, the site version and console version not change, it’s are the same version before the upgrade. It is normal?

  6. I installed 1902 today (before: 1810) on the Primary site. After this i installed the update rollup mentioned here. Then i upgraded the secondary sites vis console. If i run the SQL query “select dbo.fnGetSecondarySiteCMUpdateStatus” i get as result “3”.
    Is this ok or not? Everywhere is only “1” (ok) or “0” (not same patch Level).

    Or do I have to recover the secondary sites after the upgrade now because the hotfix was not applied?

    1. Avatar photo Mandi Williams says:

      Did you ever get an answer? I am about to do the same but wondered if I should upgrade all secondary sites first then run hotfix

      1. Hi Mandi, no answer yet. And again i get this value after applying the update 1910 last week. @Prajwal Desai – can you tell us what the value “3” means? I updated the primary site from 1906 to 1910, applied the hotfix and then i updated secondary site via console.

        1. I’m having the same issue with kb11121541. Secondary sites return value 3 but i cannot find anywhere what this value means…

    2. Avatar photo Brian Gonzalez says:

      Make sure you are running the “select dbo.fnGetSecondarySiteCMUpdateStatus” query on the proper DB. It must run from the CAS DB or the PRI DB assigned as the parent of the secondary site.

  7. Anybody else seeing multicast sessions not being pooled after this update? I was working with our network tech, and they were monitoring the sessions, before this update they would see the systems use multicast when imaging, after this update, the multicast session were not happening.

    1. I haven’t heard of any issues after installing this update. I know a reboot is not required post update installation but did you restart your servers to see if that solves your issue ?.

      1. Sir, I did, I rebooted the server, but no love; the fix was the following; unchecked all muticast settings; let it sit for about an hour. turned back on all multicast settings; let it sit for an hour. after that the issue was fixed. On the server, I looked at the following logs MCSIsapi.log and McsExec.log to look at the errors, after about an hour, I saw the errors in those two logs clear up.

      2. Hey Prajwal, I’m hijacking your reply 😛 ; I had a similar problem after upgrading to 1902, our multicast imaging would drop at session open. This was because the OS image properties had “Encrypt Multicast Packages” enabled under the OS deployment settings, de-selecting this option from the desired WIM’s fixed our multicast deployments. This was probably because it was never configured for encryption and was failing back before 1902. if Any others out there are having a similar issues, hopefully saves some R&D time. Cheers,

  8. Avatar photo Mark Rogalski says:

    I am unable to get past the prerequisite check due to a “pending restart” there was a pending restart so I restarted the server and made sure that issue was resolved on both of my site servers. Subsequent re-runs of the prereq check keep failing. I am unable to run the update due to this issue. Any thoughts of haw I can get past this?

    1. Avatar photo Mark Rogalski says:

      LOLZ it eventually passed the check, I just had to wait!

    2. Check the registry available for pending reboot and delete it then start the upgrade….hope it will help you.

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