Fix SCCM Community Hub Issues – 3 Critical Issues

In this post we will look at steps to fix SCCM community hub issues. Community hub is one of the best feature in Configuration Manager and if you haven’t explored it, I would recommend to do so.

Starting with Configuration Manager version 2002, the community hub feature was introduced by Microsoft. Since then, community hub feature has been evolving and with every new ConfigMgr release we see new community hub features.

Take a look at recent additions to Community hub.

  • Support for configuration baselines including child configuration items, added in March 2021
  • Support for Power BI reports, added in February 2021
  • Support for installing console extensions, added in January 2021

The Configuration Manager community hub is a place where Configuration Manager administrators can share their useful content. This includes scripts, reports, applications, tasks sequences and Configuration Items. I have published a detailed post on new Configuration Manager Community Hub.

Fix SCCM Community Hub Issues

There are three issues related to SCCM community hub and I will publish the solutions for each of the issue.

  • SCCM Community Hub Missing
  • Unable to load SCCM Community Hub
  • ConfigMgr console crashes when you launch Community Hub

Apart from the above issues I haven’t come across any other major community hub issues. If I encounter any new issue, I will update this post.

To use the community hub on a device, you must ensure the following prerequisites are installed.

  • The device must have .NET Framework version 4.6 or higher installed.
  • Windows 10 build 17110 or higher.
  • The logged-in user account can’t be the built-in administrator account.
  • In order to import a script you require create permission for SMS_Scripts class.
  • To import a report the account must be a Full Administrator security role.

Fix SCCM Community Hub Missing

So you launch the Configuration Manager console and click the Community tab. You notice that community hub doesn’t display and it’s only the documentation option that you see.

The reason why the SCCM community hub is missing because you haven’t enabled the Community Hub feature in SCCM. When I configured my Configuration Manager lab, I forgot to enable the community hub feature. When I launched the console, I realized my mistake.

This often happens with many because we think the community hub feature is enabled by default. The answer is NO, the community hub feature must be enabled manually before you start using it.

SCCM Community Hub Missing
SCCM Community Hub Missing

To enable the Configuration Manager community hub feature, launch the SCCM console. Go to Administration > Overview > Updates and Servicing > Features. Right click Community hub feature and click Turn on.

Fix SCCM Community Hub Issues
Fix SCCM Community Hub Issues

You will see a warning box. This feature will now be replicated and turned on on all site servers in your configuration manager hierarchy. After the process is completed the configuration manager console will update itself the next time console starts. Do you want to turn on this feature ?. Click Yes.

After you turn on the community hub feature, your console will load the community hub. That’s how you fix SCCM community hub issue.

Fix SCCM Community Hub Issues
Fix SCCM Community Hub Issues

Fix Unable to load SCCM Community Hub

Another common issue that I see that’s related to Community Hub is the community hub loading issue. When you launch Configuration Manager console, clicking Community Hub shows an error. Unable to load the Configuration Manager Community hub.

This error is commonly seen on Configuration Manager 2010 and particular on Windows Servers. The SCCM community hub loading issue occurs because of missing console extensions. I have published a separate post on how to fix the community hub loading issue.

To install Custom Console Extensions in Configuration Manager, click the Bell icon in the top-right corner of the console. On the Configuration Manager Notifications tab, click Install Custom Console Extensions. The Configuration Manager console opens and finally, you can load the Community Hub.

Fix Unable to load SCCM Community Hub
Fix Unable to load SCCM Community Hub

Here is a video guide that shows how to fix unable to load SCCM Community Hub.

SCCM Console Terminates upon Launching Community Hub

The Configuration Manager console terminates unexpectedly if you select the Community Hub node before the Documentation node finishes loading.

This issue was observed in Configuration Manager current branch version 2203. Installing SCCM 2203 Hotfix KB13953025 resolves the issue where SCCM console terminates unexpectedly if you select the Community Hub node before the Documentation node finishes loading.

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